Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 Japanese Grand Prix

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton starting from pole wins the FIA Formula-1 2007 Japanese Grand Prix at the Fuji Speedway, Oyama, Japan. It was the first race on this circuit since 1977, when James Hunt won the race for McLarenFord.

A rainy and foggy weekend at Fuji appeared to be very hard for all drivers as the race ran longer then expected and the drivers have to concentrate more due to severe weather conditions. The race started behind the safety car which stayed on a track for an unusually long time, about 40 minutes.

Both Ferrari drivers, who managed to get the second row on the starting grid in the Saturday qualifying session were out of the game on the first laps due to their tyre selection mistake – drivers were forced to change to extreme wet tyres after a few driving errors. When the pace car finally turned off the lights giving the drivers a clear road Hamilton quickly got away from his teammate, Fernando Alonso, who had more fuel on board and thus had a heavier car. Alonso would be eliminated after 41 laps in a driving accident.

Heikki Kovalainen driving for Renault finally leads to a first podium finish for the team in this season, the Finn managed to get second place. On the final laps of the race he masterly defended his position from Kimi Räikkönen, who returned to the battle for podium after the Ferrari start failure.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber both nearly finished on the podium, but a collision between their Toro Rosso and Red Bull sponsored vehicles took them out of the race.

Renault-engined cars did well in the race with David Coulthard and Giancarlo Fisichella finishing in 4th and 5th places.

Robert Kubica got a drive through the pit-lane penalty after some dangerous driving and a collision with Hamilton, causing the Polish driver to be rolled back to 7th place. Felipe Massa took 6th place for Ferrari in his hard battle with Kubica in the sprint to the finish line.

Vitantonio Liuzzi rounded out the top eight for Toro Rosso.

Adrian Sutil did his best for Spyker, finishing ahead of both Hondas. It was confirmed that Spyker will change owners next season becoming the first Indian national Formula One team in history.

In the Drivers’ Championship Hamilton, with 107 points, has increased his lead over teammate Alonso to 12 points. Kimi narrowed the gap to the McLaren drivers, now only five points behind Alonso.

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What To Look For In Luggage Trailers

Submitted by: Santiago Demery

The thought of venturing on a camping vacation is a thrilling one for some people. However, the idea of attempting to fit your camping equipment, provisions, luggage and other necessaries into your automobile most likely is not. Try as you might, the likelihood is good that you’ll end up with one or two items which simply will not fit into the vehicle.

There’s nothing worse for the passengers – and also for the driver who has to hear them them complain – than being squashed into the back seat of an automobile with an assortment of fishing rods and tent poles. Moreover, the things you leave behind because you could not fit them into your car always seem to include one or two things you really required but took out by mistake. That’s where camping and baggage trailers come into play.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are one of those folks who go camping outdoors often, it could be well worth your while to buy a trailer where you can store items like luggage and camping equipment. There are a wide range of diverse sorts of trailers on the market these days that possess all of the compnets a person could possibly want. Some of them even have a camping tent which you can attach to the trailer for structural support. One of the major features of a baggage trailer that differentiates it from the majority of other types of vehicle trailer like the utility trailer, for instance, is that they typically possess covers that can be closed. Do make certain, however, that the luggage or outdoor camping trailer you buy can be locked so that you can secure your belongings.

The automobile trailers that you find on the market nowadays generally fall into 2 categories: off road and on road. Off road camp trailers are distinguishable from their on road cousins by the robust appearance that they’ve got. They’re also easily identifiable by the big treads of their tires which make them more suitable for rough ground. Other useful attributes you may want to consider when searching for an off road camp trailer are items like a roof rack, a spare wheel and jerry cans. That being said, any trailer you’re thinking of buying should have a braking system and individual suspension and also be coated with a substance that will help to prevent rust.

Trailer prices will naturally vary in accordance with the kind of trailer concerned. A high-end unit is obviously going to set you back more than the regular version but the key point to remember is that you must buy according to your needs. For example, it’s no use purchasing an on road baggage trailer when you do much of your travelling off the road.

Irrespective of the kind of luggage trailer you purchase, you will probably be a lot happier when you contemplate the thought of packing to go camping (or any other kind of holiday for that matter) thanks to all the additional space for storage a luggage or camping trailer will give you. Trailer manufacturers are aware of the needs of campers and other travellers, and the discomfort they may have to endure during a journey, hence you’ll in all probability be able to find one that satisfies you.

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Corks fly in wine truck fire in Wyoming, US

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Wamsutter, Wyoming, US, a fire crew were trying to put out a fire of a wine truck on a highway when they received an unexpected surprise.

Wine corks started to burst out of the wreckage as bottles started to explode from the heat. Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Keane said: “The corks were popping out of the bottles like the old Jiffy Pop (popcorn) we grew up with. My trooper got hit in the arm with one.”

But luckily, as Keane commented, no one was killed or seriously injured and the truck driver managed to escape the fire, which occurred on Thursday after a crash on Interstate 80.

The intensity of the fire caused the tires on the trailer to melt down and the trailer to burn down to its wheel axles, damaging 75 feet of pavement in the process.

The corks were popping like Jiffy Pop

Keane stated that the cause of the fire was likely to be either a locked brake or a hub malfunction. It is currently unknown what the value of the loss in the fire was. The Wyoming Department of Transportation have commented that there was nothing left of the cab or trailer and the remaining bottles of wine from Oregon and Washington had disappeared overnight.

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Disney buys Pixar

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Walt Disney Company has finalized a US$7.4 billion deal to acquire its long-time partner Pixar in an all stock buy-out. The deal will make Steve Jobs, current Pixar and Apple CEO, Disney’s largest shareholder with about 7% (valued at over $3.5 billion) and a member of the board of directors.

The merger was speculated all day Tuesday on the stock market and the announcement came just after trading closed for the day. Terms of the merger include Pixar’s John Lasseter becoming Disney’s new chief creative officer in charge of animation at the combined Disney-Pixar Animation Studios, as well as principal creative advisor at Walt Disney Imagineering, the unit of the company responsible for research and development of Disney theme parks worldwide.

Jobs purchased what became Pixar for $10 million in 1986 from George Lucas’s computer animation division at Lucasfilm. Toy Story, its first feature film, came a decade later, and began a long string of animation hits, including Finding Nemo. Such successes proved to be increasingly elusive for Disney to manage on its own. The partnership between the two studios had become shaky in recent years, as former Disney head Michael Eisner clashed with Jobs over the renewal terms of their agreement. In 2003, prior to his dismissal from Disney, Eisner infuriated Pixar’s creative team by predicting Finding Nemo would be a failure. Steve Jobs broke off negotiations in January 2004, having told one executive previously, “I don’t see how the relationship can continue as long as Eisner is there.”

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Wikinews interviews U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wikinews held an exclusive interview with Wayne Allyn Root, one of the candidates for the Libertarian Party nomination for the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Root is the founder and chairman of Winning Edge International Inc., a sports handicapping company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, he is an author and a television producer, as well as an on-screen personality both as host and guest on several talk shows.

Root, a long-time Republican, declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party on May 4, 2007.

He says he is concerned about the qualities of many who run for president, and fears that they do not know the needs of American citizens. He also says that they cater to big businesses instead of small ones.

He has goals of limiting the federal government and believes that the US went into Iraq for wrong reasons. A strong supporter of the War on Terror, he feels that it was mishandled. He has conservative values and came from a blue collar family in New York. He graduated from Columbia University with fellow presidential hopeful Barack Obama in 1983.

Root believes that America is in trouble and hopes to change that if elected.

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Air Conditioning Planning Permission &Amp; Listed Building Consent

By P Hunter

Planning Permission for air conditioning units.

It used to be that planning permission was commonly required for nearly all forms of air conditioning and heat pump equipment. The main areas the planning authorities were interested in were around noise and external the appearance of the air conditioning condenser units.

However, new rules have come into force regarding planning permission for domestic air source heat pumps (i.e. air conditioning units) installations. These new rules mean planning permission will is no longer an issue.

Air source heat pumps will now join the ranks of the likes of solar PV, solar thermal and biomass boilers, and are now classified as a permitted development in England. There is a catch as there a few stipulations and the following criteria must be met:

– The external unit is less than 0.6 m3 in size

– The unit is more than one metre from the edge of the householder’s property

– It is not on a pitched roof or near the edge of a flat roof.

YouTube Preview Image

– That there is no wind turbine at the property

– It meets additional criteria if you live in a listed building, in a conservation area or a World Heritage Site

– The noise level must be below 42dB(a) at a position one metre external to the centre point of any door or window to a habitable room of a neighbouring property as measured perpendicular to the plane of the door or window (that was a mouthful).

The main snag at the moment is that many air source air conditioners cannot currently meet this and hence unless you have no neighbours, you are still be required to obtain planning permission. So check the specification before progressing without planning permission.

Full details can be found here:

Listed Building Consent

Planning permission and listed building consent will normally be required to install air conditioning and refrigeration units on the exterior of buildings. Listed building consent may also be required to install units within listed buildings where units would disrupt architectural features and fixtures.

You would be unlikely to get any form of Listed Building consent to install air conditioning condensers located on the front elevation or any other conspicuous elevation of listed buildings. This includes roofs and the flat roofs of projecting frontages.

Big improvements have been made in recent years to the size of air conditioning external units, so they are a lot smaller and quieter than they used to be. There are even ranges of units that have no external at all. That said, they still have to vent through the wall somewhere and you guessed it, you even need Listed building consent to install ventilation grilles on the front elevation (or any conspicuous elevations).

So, as with all of these things, there are trade off’s so best talk to a specialist before rushing out to buy and self install units such as these in listed buildings.

Landlord’s Consent

If your property is leased, the provisions of your tenancy agreement will almost certainly require you to obtain consent from your landlord before installing building services such as air conditioning. Whilst such consent should not unreasonably be withheld, it is always advisable to consult and gain agreement with your landlord before commencing any air conditioning installation work.

It should also be remembered that your tenancy may require you to restore the property back to its original condition at the end of your lease. In the case of air conditioning, however, this may well enhance the rental value of the property and the landlord may, on this basis, be content to waive the requirement for it to be removed

Building Regulations

Currently, Building Regulation Approval is not required for the installation of air conditioning. Note however, that any associated electrical installation must comply with electrical safety standards.

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Air Intelligence Ltd

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Air Conditioning in the Berkshire area

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Digital security researchers publicly reveal vulnerability in WPA2 WiFi protocol

Thursday, October 19, 2017

On Monday, digital security researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens of Belgium’s KU Leuven university publicly disclosed a security vulnerability in the WPA2 Wi-Fi (wireless local-area networking) protocol, which they called KRACK (for Key Reinstallation Attack). Their study claimed KRACK affects every modern device using Wi-Fi; it can be fixed by a software update, researchers said.

Vanhoef wrote, “Attackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted. This can be abused to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and so on.” Vanhoef notified vendors about the flaw in July, including UNIX-like operating system OpenBSD. “If your device supports Wi-Fi, it is most likely affected. […] In general, any data or information that the victim transmits can be decrypted”, he wrote.

The study papers, which were submitted for review on May 19, were kept in confidence allowing companies to fix the security flaw. The United States-based Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) informed vendors on August 28. The Wi-Fi Alliance said it “could be resolved through a straightforward software update.” OpenBSD released their software patch on August 30.

Exploring the flaw which affected every device the researchers had tested, National Cyber Security Centre of the UK said “the attacker would have to be physically close to the target”. But due to this flaw, an attacker can send malware or ransomware on the websites, Vanhoef claimed.

Linux-based operating systems including Android v6.0 and higher are especially affected by this flaw, while Windows and iOS are not as vulnerable as Android by this flaw as they do not fully implement WPA2.

Microsoft reportedly has released security patches for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Google said Android operating systems would receive the updates in the software update scheduled to be made available on November 6. Apple has implemented the patch in the beta versions of their operating system iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, however it is yet to roll out patches for stable operating systems.

WPA2 protocol has been used for more than a decade, and has been compulsory for Wi-Fi since 2006. KRACK would also affect various home appliances which can be controlled over Wi-Fi, within the so-called “Internet of things”. Andrew Martin from Oxford University said, “We can be sure a lot of these devices won’t be patched[…] Whether that matters for this attack or only for some future attack is yet to be seen.”

The study and its findings are scheduled for presentation at the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Computer and Communications Security conference on November 1.

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Australian Federal Police raid home over unauthorised access to pay TV services

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Australian Federal Police officers reportedly raided the home in Argenton, West of Newcastle, New South Wales of a man suspected of distibuting software to enable unauthorised access to pay TV services Foxtel and Austar.

A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police said that officers seized computer equipment, including an “external hardware drive”. The spokesperson said police were assisted by Foxtel’s fraud invesigators and computer forensic experts from Ferrier Hodgson.

Debra Richards, Executive Director of the Australian Subscription Television Association, the organisation which represents the interests of Australian pay TV service providers, said, “Industry members are working cooperatively through ASTRA to address a problem that results in lost revenue and resources that would otherwise be used to grow the Australian television and production industries.”

“The real victims here are the consumers who are being hoodwinked into being involved in a criminal activity, often paying more than they would otherwise for a legitimate service,” she said.

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Trends On Tap For Health &Amp; Fitness}

Submitted by: Michelle Stewart

In providing advice and counsel for health and fitness I find my clients run the gamut from individuals focused on a personal plan, to health industry companies teaming up with employers to create plans supporting the company healthcare benefit goals. Both groups are interested in the trends related to health and fitness for 2017. My list this year includes items from food to fashion; —here is a snapshot view of whats hot in getting physical this year.

Wearable Technology

Fitbits and health-data tracking watches began the trend in wearables. Among the latest items in the market shown at the recent 2017 Consumer Electronics Show(CES) is the The Welt, which looks like a leather belt yet it tracks users waist sizes, eating habits and steps, as well as how much time per day they spend sitting down. The Welt works with an app that creates a customized health and weight loss plan based on the wearers own data.

You will also need the right shoes and the makers of Digitsoles hope youll opt for their products to stay on track. Digitsoles products are another twist on fitness trackers with sensors built into insoles and shoes, which can monitor steps taken and calories burned. The company makes everyday-looking sneakers and insoles that users can hook up with their smartphones to monitor the workout and even heat up the shoe!


When it comes to foods on the list eggs are moving from breakfast to meal occasions throughout the day. Spices and produce continue to rise in consumption as folks look to new food experiences and more flavorful dishes.

? Egg Yolks

Though egg yolks have received a bad rap in the past for fat and cholesterol content, it appears the egg has been pardoned. The 2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines do not put a cap on egg consumption. Eggs can fit in a healthy diet—they are a good source of protein, and can be considered a meat substitute at a fraction of the cost.

Eggs contain 13 essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, critical for bone health and immune function. Eggs contain Choline, essential for normal functioning of all cells, but particularly important during pregnancy to support healthy brain development of the fetus.

Eggs are also a good source of Lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that are believed to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration

? Turmeric

There has been a growing interest in spices to flavor and season foods. Turmeric a spice from the turmeric plant is yellow and often used in Asian dishes and curries. Google Trends 2016 indicates that this spice is a rising star and will continue to hold a place on the hot list. Turmeric provides 26 percent of what’s needed in manganese and 16 percent in iron, along with excellent amounts, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium. The addition of turmeric as a spice in a recipe has been shown to help regulate blood fat levels after a meal. Each of these is a benefit for good health.

? Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables continue to be popular items on the trend list. Increased consumption of produce will boost the intake of needed vitamins, minerals and fiber in the diet. Vegetables in the spotlight for the upcoming year include colorful varieties of traditional veggies such as purple potatoes and asparagus. Cauliflower is also showing up in purple and bright yellow alongside the traditional creamy white variety.

Jackfruit is getting a lot of buzz. This is the tropical fruit that enrobes a meaty, somewhat starchy fleshed fruit inside an oblong, oval-shaped, green pod. Jackfruit is versatile and can be part of the main dish or dessert. It is high in vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins. It is also high in dietary fiber and can have a laxative affect.

Though this list touches on a few of the trends that are in focus for moving forward with health goals in 2017, keep in mind that the key point is to choose what works for you and get moving for better health.

Take Away: There are a lot of options in health and fitness trends so try something new or sample one of the foods on the hot list. You may find that the new addition is a winner in helping you achieve your goals.

About the Author: Michelle J. Stewart MPH, RDLD/N, CDE is an experienced food and nutrition communication expert specializing in wellness with a holistic approach to living your best life. Michelle has been leading the way to a healthier you for more than 25 years. She is zealous when it comes to wellness from the inside out and empowering whomever she comes in contact with to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Her motto is “EAT LESS MOVE MORE” Sign up for her Free Report 10 Weight Loss Tips for Life when you visit

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