Divorce: Infidelity

By George Williams

Divorce is usually most bitter when it is all about adultery. There’s no way around it. Hurt feelings and anger seem to fuel the divorce but rage surrounds it and it causes too much animosity for all parties concerned. Unfortunately, infidelity is often the main cause for divorce. However, there are ways to get through it and move on with your life.

Divorcing your spouse is one of the most trying times in your life. You may have heard it said that the person would’ve rather experienced death than divorce. Add in the cause for divorce as being adultery, and the pain is often too much to bear.

Adulterous relationships almost never work out in the long run so if you are the victim in the relationship, then find comfort in that fact. However, many times your spouse doesn’t want a divorce but they don’t want to give up their other relationship. You must move on irregardless. Otherwise, the hurt will become a very big part of your relationship and will consume you.


While some relationships go on to thrive after infidelity, you may be surprised if you do your own research about adultery. Once it starts, it seldom ends because there is often something that the other person needs and they weren’t finding it at home before an affair and they likely won’t find it after the initial affair.

It is also important to remember that while approaching the ‘other woman’ or the ‘other man’ may make you feel better, there is no reason for you to approach them. It is likely they knew your spouse was indeed married and the only thing the other person will shed light on is how much that they know about your relationship with your spouse which will only cause you more pain.

Divorcing because of adultery, regardless of what you are told by a psychologist, is a very viable option and you need to do it. Seldom will you find life after adultery fulfilling. Your spouse may, but who cares. He or she is not worth your self-esteem being lowered. While you may want to work things out and that is very noble of you to show a forgiving heart, things will never be the same. And you will never have the key elements of marriage again.

While you may find this key piece of advice comical, there is only one way to get past the element of adultery if you decide to stay in a marriage after infidelity and that is to

have an affair yourself and make sure your husband or wife knows about it. Then, when they ask why or how you could do this to them ask for forgiveness, be sincere in your sorrow for hurting them and then assure them that you can get past it. See if they can live with it and make the most of a new start. The other person won’t like the feelings of betrayal anymore than you did.

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Testosterone For Muscle Gain And Boost Pheromone Production

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By Chris Chew

There are a number of things that determine how much muscle you can ultimately build such as your workout intensity, form and techniques, nutrition, supplementation and rest, just to name a few factos.

Not commonly known to many people, a major contributor in your muscle building equation is your body’s natural level of the anabolic muscle building hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone is generally regarded as the male hormone and is the most important muscle building hormone in your body. It is the level of this amazing hormone that determines how much and big your muscles can grow.

Other benefits of having a high level of testosterone are :-

a) Increasing your muscle size and strength.

b) Help to lose body fat


c) Increase libido and hardness

d) Decrease levels of “bad” cholesterol

e) Increase production of pheromones, your natural sexual attraction chemical

So it is pretty obvious that if you want to build bigger muscles, you must increase your own production of testosterone. But before I show you how to do that, let’s look at the science.

You see, your brain releases a substance called luteinizing hormone (LH). This hormone acts by triggering your body to start producing testosterone. Once this occurs, the adrenal glands release DHEA into your bloodstream. LH and DHEA then travel together to your testicles where testosterone production begins (this is why women has lower level of testosterone than men). Testosterone can now be released into the bloodstream to perform its amazing functions.

So here are some methods to increase your level of muscle building fat busting testosterones naturally.

a) Train with compound exercises during your weight resistance workouts such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses etc. This will put your muscles under the greatest amount of stress that will force your body to increase testosterone production.

b) Always workout with full effort and intensity. If you want to see impressive muscle growth, you must push yourself to the limit. Again, greater muscular stress in the gym translates to higher testosterone production.

c) Train your lower body as hard as your upper body. Many people do not realize that lower body training can actually stimulate growth in your chest, back and arms. Absurd? Of course not because training lower body such as squats forces your body to release more human growth hormones (hgh) such as testosterone!

d) Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol consumption is kown to have a dramatic effect on suppression of testosterone levels, so try to limit your binge drinking nights and keep your alcohol consumption in moderation or be a teetotaler if you can.

e) Increase your consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, turnips, cabbage etc. Cruciferous vegetables can reduce estrogen levels (female hormones, yes, males do have them), thereby raising your testosterone level.

f) Lower your stress levels. This is because stress stimulates the production of cortisol which is a highly catabolic hormone that will cause your testosterone levels to plummet and consumes your muscle for energy instead of fats.

g) Increase your sexual activity as sexual stimulation causes the body to increase the production of oxytocin which increases endorphin level (feel good or happy hormone) thereby also raises your testosterone production.

h) Go sleep like a log! A lack of sleep contributes to cortisol production, and this will lower your testosterone levels, furthermore, your growth hormone production is at its highest when you sleep!

i) Supplement with Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Enhancers if you are over 25. This is because these amazing muscle growth and fat busting production keep on decreasing as you age. Imagine, how can your muscle grow to its maximum potential if you have insufficient anabolic growth hormones to make them grow?

So start to produce your natural testosterone for muscle gain and at the same time raise your pheromones level to be sexually attractive.

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The Added Convenience Of An Indoor Swimming Pool

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By Michelle Bery

Homeowners who enjoy the added luxury of owning a home swimming pool will surely tell you of the countless hours of enjoyment – and increased property value – that their swimming pool has provided them. In fact, more and more people who are embarking upon new home construction are choosing to include the backyard swimming pool in their initial construction plans. But for some homeowners, climate and convenience have prompted them to opt instead for an indoor swimming pool – a place where they can enjoy the luxuries of the water unobstructed.

The indoor swimming pool is just what its name suggests – an enclosed swimming pool that is within a building or home. Many public facilities – such as gyms, country clubs, hotels, and schools – offer an indoor swimming pool. But now, more than ever, there is a growing trend for the private sector to include an indoor swimming pool in their home design. In this case, the pool may be within the confines of the home – or within an attached atrium that is surrounded by glass. In either case, the indoor swimming pool is protected from the elements – including temperature and bugs – and allows users to enjoy the water without having to give any thought to the time of day – or time of year.


Of course, as with any swimming pool, ongoing maintenance of the indoor swimming pool is essential to ensuring that the pool stays in proper working condition. Often homeowners will enlist the services of a professional swimming pool maintenance company that will clean, maintain, and repair the swimming pool according to the terms of their contract.

However, there are certain safety issues that must be addressed if you choose to have an indoor swimming pool – especially if there are children in the home. While an outdoor pool can certainly be dangerous, you at least have the opportunity to fence off the pool area so that children do not enter without being accompanied by an adult. If you have a pool inside your home you must take extra precautions to ensure that children are supervised at all times and know not to enter the pool area without permission. It may be advisable – depending on the ages of the children – to keep the indoor swimming pool behind locked doors. In addition, all children should be taught to swim, as well as taught comprehensive pool safety.

An indoor swimming pool can be a luxurious addition to any home. If you use it safely and maintain it well, it will surely bring you many years of enjoyment.

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