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Submitted by: Mary Lorainne

In this current busy world of ours, the time to eat would probably be the time when the whole family could gather round, partake in the food and spend some quality time talking about how their day was. For any mother for that matter, preparing a meal for the family would probably be one of the most satisfying feelings that you get especially if your family enjoys your cooking. But the busy schedule of mothers who have their own careers doesn t give them the luxury of time to prepare and cook meals once they get home tired from work. Majority of them either order takeouts or have food delivered to the home. I strongly believe that a mother should at least even once or twice a month engage in cooking for a day or two for her family despite the busy schedule.

Choose recipes that you think you could well handle or prepare. Select those with ingredients that you are quite sure that your family would love and eat. It would also help the budget conscious to choose dishes requiring ingredients that you more or less have in your refrigerator or pantry to avoid purchasing a lot of ingredients. I know that there would certainly be some ingredients that you couldn t find in your kitchen but at least you would be buying only a few more items and you spend lesser time shopping for them. Take advantage also of items on sale. You could always concentrate your dishes for those ingredients that are currently being sold on sale for promotion. Kindly check your newspaper for sales being offered.

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This is the best time for you to practice and put your cooking skills to work. To facilitate, prepare all the necessary ingredients that you will be using. If you will need the aid of a cookbook, I suggest that you write the recipe somewhere else to prevent from staining the book with spillage. Cook those recipes that require longer cooking time first, with the dishes requiring shorter cooking time last. I would even suggest that if you have other family members who would want to learn or basically love to cook, ask them to join and help you. They not only learn to prepare and cook new dishes, you get to bond as well.

As they say food nourishes not only the body but also the soul. Spend time to cook for your family.

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