How Did Tracey Walker Go From Being A Failing Network Marketer To A Millionaire?}

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How did Tracey Walker go from being a failing network marketer to a millionaire?


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I am writing this article to talk to you about the story of Tracey Walker. Tracey Walker is a 7 figure earner inside a business opportunity called the Empower Network and also she has also become part of another business opportunity which I basically consider to be an extension of the Empower Network. The business opportunity is called Project Titan. But I am writing this article about what had gotten onto the path of success before she join these business opportunities. She was a part of different funded proposal systems back in 2007 and 2008. I started following her when she was an active affiliate in My Lead System Pro. My Lead System Pro was also a funded proposal system back then and it still exist today.

Tracey Walker before she began to have success in My Lead System Pro she had over a year in old school network marketing where she made some money but not enough to achieve financial freedom she was completely burned out and exhausted from doing all the old school tactics such as attending hotel meetings, doing presentations one on one, talking to strangers out in the street, doing the three foot rule talking to everybody she came in contact with, and driving around town in her car to do one on one presentations, and she started to experience the problems that people face in old school network marketing people began to drop out of her business because they couldnt duplicate her success in old school network marketing. She began to think that she just wasnt cut out for this business. She was

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ready to call it quits when she came across My Lead System Pro. She was skeptical, but very interested because I knew if it works the way it says it does, her days of struggling in the network marketing industry would be history. So she decided to test it out. The education she got just from the first 14 days alone was PRICELESS because it became crystal clear what she had been doing wrong for so long, and just as important, what to do instead. It was nice too, that within days she had 10 new leads and one person who signed-up for the system, before she had even made her first payment!

The reality of Tracey Walkers previous path was this she spent a lot and wasted many years doing all the wrong things.

And the worst thing was, she didnt even know that what I was doing was wrong! I was just following the lead of the

companies and sponsors that I joined, like everyone does. Well, she now had a leading, cutting edge step-by-step system to follow that has all the right things built-in, including weekly live training so that she never was left hanging.This is powerful stuff. She is not a pushy person at all, but heres what she had to say about this system: Drop whatever youre doing and sign-up now! If Im wrong (and Im not) you can walk away anytime, and return to whatever business building approach youre using now, no harm, no foul.If Im right (and I am) youll be thrilled and on the road to a whole new level of success and prosperity that everyone who hasnt heard of My Lead System Pro yet cant even imagine, let alone experience. I never use to believe it, but now I know that there really are proprietary business and marketing secrets.

In 2011 Tracey Walker was one of the top producers in My Lead System Pro. At this point in time, she started to notice another internet marketer who was producing as much as her his name was David Wood. I will make a long story short David Wood at this point decided to start a new company called the Empower Network. David Woods idea was based around people using blogging as a way to create residual income in a online business. Tracey Walker ended up joining the Empower Network that same year. Since 2011, Tracey Walker has gone onto become a multi-millionaire she is financially free. Also, I made a decision a little while ago to join under her in the Empower Network and also I am currently utilizing the same system she utilized in the past to create her first bit of success in online network marketing.

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