How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In Bed With You Tips To Make Her Unable To Resist You

October 30th, 2019 by 6FjUhLbu

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Okay, so most guys when they pursue their ex girlfriend, they kind of go about it the wrong way from the start. They keep on thinking of her like she is still their girlfriend, and doing this, they end up sabotaging any chance that they have of getting her back in bed with them.

If you want to be one of the few guys that DO get their ex girlfriend back, then you need to change your mindset a little. You have to think about your ex girlfriend as being just that. You cannot have it in your mind that she is still with you. Trust me, if you do, it will end up costing you.

Women are funny creatures and you have to understand that they think completely different when it comes to relationships and dating in general. You have to be able to bridge those differences if you are going to have a solid shot at getting her back.

When you approach your ex girlfriend, you need to be careful that you don’t try and go back to the old you. She needs to see something different.

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Here are some tips to make her unable to resist you:

1. Start off by focusing on building attraction with her.

Like I said before, you need to approach her like a new woman in your life, not as one that you are already with. Because you are not and she knows this. The problem with ignoring the fact that you are broken up with her, is that you will NOT focus on building attraction with her, you will act like it is already there. And you will be starting off on the wrong foot, so why be surprised in the end when it does not work out the way that you want it to?

2. Stay away from accusations and anything else that will start the drama.

Look, there might be some feelings of hurt inside you, and if she says anything that makes you feel that hurt, then you will be likely to want to make accusations or do something to start an argument. Realize that this is only going to make things harder and it is not what you really want to be doing. After all, you want to get her BACK, not push her AWAY.

3. Give yourself the aura of being unavailable to her.

Most men are going to go after their ex girlfriend and let her know that they are still in love, and they want to get back together. Well, that is not exactly the best choice that you can make. See, you want to make her feel like you are no longer available to her. People want what they cannot have and when you make your ex girlfriend feel like she cannot have you, she is much more likely to WANT YOU.

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