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Shopping for a new baby is quite exciting. Expectant parents have fun decorating their babys new home with lots of color. Some parents choose a basic theme that runs through everything they buy for the nursery including the bedding for the crib.

Bedding products dont vary much between infants and adults. Most crib mattresses are of a standard size so finding the right size wont be a problem. Choose good quality bedding ensembles that include a crib sheet, blanket, and bumpers. Test the fitted crib sheet with your crib mattress to ensure a snug fit on all sides. The last thing you want is a loose fitting sheet that the infant can pull off the mattress and over their heads.

Whichever pattern that you choose for the crib bedding, it is a good idea to invest in a few extra sets as you will change the sheets often with a new baby.

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A newborn babys skin can be quite sensitive. Different bedding materials may cause irritation when put next to his or her skin. One way to avoid such sensitivities is to purchase cotton. Cotton is light and wont weigh baby down when they are used to cover him up. As you put baby to bed, tuck the sides of the blanket securely under the mattress so baby cant pull it over his head during the night.

Now that we have dealt with the safety issues its time to pick the color scheme for your babys nursery. Do you like solid colors or prints? Will the theme pertain strictly to boys or to girls? Have some fun with it. Maybe you are having a boy this first time around. Choosing a blue layout will mean starting all over again with the decorations if the second child is a girl. Gender neutral colors are also popular for nurseries if more than one child is in your future.

Youll notice that some companies sell separates and others offer matching crib bedding sets when you begin your shopping. If your nursery has a theme, the crib bedding sets would be a better option since they include baby blanket, bumpers, crib sheet and dust ruffles.

If you are going for a theme in the nursery that includes a print pattern, consider purchasing a crib bedding ensemble from a manufacturer that also sells other nursery accessories. Now, decorating that nursery is a one stop shopping experience instead of going from store to store to find just the right lamp or wall decoration. You can find great stuff like lamps, hampers, changing pad cover, crib accessory bags, curtains and mobiles to add to the nursery. Some manufactures might offer cradle bedding that matches the rest of the layout.

Expectant parents are excited and stressed thinking about the new baby entering the house and their lives. Shopping for the nursery is a fun way to ease the pressure and the stress. If you have an idea what you are looking for, start with the bedding. Keep safety in mind here and then work your way around the nursery, choosing accessories to brighten up the room where your newborn will sleep.

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