Getting Auditions Without An Agent

Getting Auditions Without An Agent

Getting auditions without an agent


Arthor Greenwald

Finding work as an extra or actor can be extremely tough if you don t know who, when and where is casting. Acquiring an agent is an ideal way to gain access to auditions and casting calls, however even this can be incredibly tough given the over populated nature of the business. Nevertheless there are ways to find out about the latest extra and television auditions, to give you a better chance of getting seen and obtaining work.

The acting industry is notoriously tough. There are so many people trying to make it in the entertainment business, with countless more graduating from drama schools every year. Extra work is a way to involve yourself in television and film projects, and get paid for your time. Agents rarely send their clients for extra work; therefore the potential to get seen is significantly higher than for TV casting calls. Plus you never know who you might meet while working as an extra.


Television casting calls are harder to crack. Often work will be passed directly to agents, who will then submit only their clients. However there are a number of open audition calls for which anyone may attend, and all you need to know is when and where they are taking place. Be aware that when you attend an open audition call there is likely to be a lot of waiting around, and you are not absolutely guaranteed to be seen.

Subscribing to an audition notice site will give you access to extra and television casting calls. Having prior knowledge to who, when and where are casting will allow you to do any appropriate research and prepare audition speeches if necessary, giving you the best possible chance of acquiring work. At Audition Now we can provide information on the latest casting calls, acting auditions and extras work.

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