How To Use Sliding Scale Insulin

How to Use Sliding Scale Insulin


Julia Hanf

If you are a diabetic who has been using you may have heard your doctor use the term sliding scale insulin. If you have heard this you may be wondering, What is sliding scale insulin and how does it work? Insulin is used to better regulate and control blood sugar levels. We know that when a diabetic s blood sugars are well controlled the likelihood of medical complications or physical symptoms is much lower than when blood sugars are too high. On the other hand, if too much insulin is given blood sugars can drop dangerously low and cause serious side effects. The solution to this problem is to start with small amounts of daily insulin and gradually increase the dose based on the use of sliding scale insulin. The goal is to start slow and go low.

Step 1

Check blood sugars at set times every day. Usually one hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner are good times to check your blood sugar. These sugars are known as postprandial blood sugars and generally are ? diabetic s highest daily readings.

Step 2


Work with your doctor to develop a sliding scale insulin plan. This could mean that you will have to inject yourself with a variable amount of either short acting or ultra-short acting insulin each time you check your postprandial blood sugar.

Step 3

You will need to give yourself 2 units of insulin for blood sugars between 150 and 200 mg. If your blood sugar level is between 201 and 250 mg give yourself 4 units of insulin. For blood sugars between 251 and 300 mg give yourself 6 units of insulin. This incremental increase in insulin dose can go as high as you and your doctor chose. These sliding scale insulin programs were developed to provide diabetics with flexibility. The insulin dose, blood sugar parameters and type of short acting insulin used can all be modified for each individual s needs.

Step 4

Write down how much additional sliding scale insulin you re requiring on ? daily basis. Try to be consistent with our meals, exercise program and daily activity. It is important to look for patterns with your blood sugar levels.

Step 5

Stick with the diabetic diet that your doctor and nutritionist helped create for you. In order to successfully lower your blood sugar you want to maintain a healthy weight.

Step 6

Bring your sliding scale insulin data to you next doctor appointment. The mount of sliding scale insulin you re taking on ? daily basis will be averaged over several weeks. Let s hypothetically say on average you re give yourself 2 units if insulin at breakfast, 3 units at lunch, and 5 units at dinner for ? daily total of 10 units.

Step 7

The daily total of sliding scale insulin is generally added to you current dose if long acting or extended release insulin which is typically given just once a day. A this process continues your once a day extended release insulin dose gradually, but safely, increases and your sliding scale insulin doses throughout the day decline reflecting your improving blood sugar levels.

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Cool Homes Come In Many Shapes, Sizes And Materials Too

By Brad Carver

For those who have just a little experience with a screwdriver, it is possible to build a house in just a couple of days. Now, one would think that when you it would be a little more complicated but with the new modular designs on the market today, it really is that simple. So search the term, ‘build home’ to locate a contractor.

Prefabricated buildings have been around for a long time of course. Indeed, these were used when there was a huge housing shortage after world war two. But these structures were nothing like the wonderful designs that are common today.

Back in those days, the long box-like structures were made from asbestos based materials which looked a little strange to say the least. Although they were only meant to be temporary, some people ended up raising their kids in them and were sorry to leave them even though they were deemed unfit for human habitation.


These days though the buildings are far more sophisticated than that. The whole thing can be bought as is, and there are many designs for sure, or custom-made to suit the needs of the client. Some even go as far as having vaulted ceilings and bay windows so there is plenty of scope for those with an artistic bent.

Clever designers will also incorporate some solid and permanent features into the whole thing. This could include a stone built fireplace or chimney which gives the place a good solid look. Of course, this can be built-in when the whole thing is being constructed but will obviously take a little longer than the normal time.

Some regularly constructed places will not be that attractive to look at anyway, so having a great designer on board for the pre fabricated building is just what anyone needs to allow their imagination to run riot. They can even have an additional room put on at the side to take a pool or spa so that the family can keep fit or just relax and enjoy themselves.

Along with pitched and off centered beams etc, the materials used can also be changed around to facilitate the family needs. Sash or casement windows can be used to give a certain look to the finished product so the choice of other additional features is virtually endless too.

Since these pre-fabricated buildings are made from ultra modern materials in general they are also less likely to suffer from termite damage or pest infestation. Even the natural materials will be pre-treated to make sure that nothing will eat away at the fabric of the building so it should last for some considerable time for sure.

Many people, once they have gotten used to the idea of having one of these places, often invent some rather innovative uses for them. Whether it is to be used for the main residence, or whether it is to be used just for a small business or vacation hideaway, these places will end up becoming much more popular as the years go by. Indeed, it could be the answer to emergency shelter when earthquakes hit etc.

About the Author: Brad Carver has noticed that to build a house can be the best way to get exactly what you want in a home. He searched the term build home to find a modular home builder in his area.


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Drop Shipping Companies How To Avoid The Ones That Suck

Submitted by: Ray De Leur

While drop shipping as a business model is a fantastic way to make money online, one problem that plagues this particular model are unreliable suppliers. Here are two ways to find out if you re dealing with unreliable drop shipping companies before it s too late.

Look up the BBB profile for drop shipping companies

The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, acts as a reporting firm for US-based businesses of all shapes and sizes, even online businesses. In some cases, depending on whether the company is a BBB member, and sometimes the location of the company, the BBB includes the grade that they give a particular company. This grade is based, in part, on the number of complaints that a company has received over a fixed period of time. If a drop shipper has a large number of unresolved complaints, it s probably a good idea to avoid this company.

Now, these complaints should always be taken with a grain of salt. Some drop shipping companies cater to tens of thousands of customers, or even more — if a drop shipper has 40 resolved complaints with, that doesn t mean that they re a bad business. In fact, resolved complaints actually speak of a drop ship company that is trying to rectify real or perceived wrongs — this is just something for you to keep in mind.


Look up customer reviews for the drop shipper on Google

People, as creatures of habit, will voice their displeasure about bad transactions that they have encountered. If a drop shipper has taken their money, pulled a bait-and-switch, repeatedly sent broken items, or just takes a long time to ship purchased items — there s a good chance that these complaints have surfaced in search engines.

Just type in the search field the drop shipper s name and review (like companyname review ) and you will get back the desired results a number of reviews which customers have written online regarding this particular company; positive, negative and maybe even neutral-.

Now, drop shippers that cater to a large audience will have negative reviews like a lot of other big companies have – look at eBay, PayPal, Google, Amazon, etc — they all have customers with bad experiences. However, this does not mean that you should avoid dealing with these drop shipping companies by any stretch of the imagination.

Look at the negative reviews, and also look at the positive reviews — you need to weigh out the severity of the complaint and whether this was likely a limited experience, or whether it s an ongoing problem with this particular supplier. Don t discount the possibility of using a certain supplier because they have two negative reviews — you could be missing out on some great money-making opportunities that way.

It s not at all difficult to pinpoint a unreliable supplier — these two methods outlined here, which should take you all of ten minutes to use — can save you countless headaches, and potential losses, by helping you to avoid unreliable drop shipping companies.

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Where To Find Quality Used Rims


If you are looking to customize your car, you have several different options. There are only so many vehicles in the world, so you need to make yours stand out in different ways. Choosing some quality used rims is a great way to make a statement. If you are considering buying your rims used, you need to make sure you choose a team of professionals as your supplier. Don’t buy your rims from just anywhere. You need to buy them from professional mechanics.

Buy from Mechanics

When you are choosing used rims, you should make sure you buy them from quality mechanics who do more than just sell rims. It’s even better if they do quality tire work and body repairs. Such experience means they will know precisely how to place a tire on the rim and balance your vehicle. They’ll also be able to assess the rims for any kind of problem that might arise. There are sometimes small structural problems with rims that might go unnoticed if someone is not a mechanic.

Wide Selection

You should choose a company that has a wide selection of rims. The Tire Shop is an example of just such a place. They have several different options available that are constantly being updated.

Choosing Rims

Choosing which rims are right for you can be somewhat difficult as well. There are some considerations you have to make. First, you have to choose which size rims you need. If you want bigger rims that are more dramatic, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough space in your wheel wells for them. You would also need thinner tires.

Next, you’ll need to decide on brake calipers and possible adjustments to some other parts of your vehicle. All of these factors are important for you to consider when you talk with a mechanic about getting new rims.

Colon Cancer Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And Prognosis.

Colon Cancer – Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And Prognosis.


Dick Aronson

Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon), the lower part of your digestive system. Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the USA with equal distribution between men and women. Colon tumors usually affect people over the age of 40, with the majority of people who are diagnosed with the condition being over 60 years of age. Colon cancer may affect any racial or ethnic group; however, some studies suggest that Americans of northern European heritage have a higher-than-average risk of colon tumours.


Colon cancer is more common in industrialized nations and in those societies where red meat is a major part of the diet, although evidence tends to suggest that merely changing your diet to white meat and seafood as in for instance Japan, tends to just swap stomach cancer for colon cancer. In almost all cases colon cancer is a treatable disease if caught early.



Colon cancer usually begins with the appearance of benign growths such as polyps. Often there are no early symptoms. If signs and symptoms of colon cancer do appear, they may include: a change in your bowel habits, including diarrhea or constipation or a change in the consistency of your stool for more than a couple of weeks, rectal bleeding or blood in your stool, persistent abdominal discomfort, such as cramps, gas or pain, abdominal pain with a bowel movement, a feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty completely, weakness or fatigue and unexplained weight loss.


Colon cancer’s exact cause is unknown, but it appears to be influenced by both inherited and environmental factors. Studies show a concentration in areas of higher economic development suggesting a relationship to diet, particularly excess animal fat and low fiber. Other factors that increase the risk of developing colon tumors are: age over 40, the presence of other diseases of the digestive tract, family history and ulcerative colitis.

Development of colon cancer at an early age, or at multiple sites, or recurrent colon cancer, suggests a genetically transmitted form of the disease as opposed to the sporadic form. There also is a slight increased risk for colon carcinoma in the individual who smokes.

The most common colon cancer cell type is adenocarcinoma which accounts for 95% of cases.


The development of polyps of the colon usually precedes the development of colon cancer by five or more years. The American Gastroenterologial Association revised its screening guidelines in 2003 to recommend that people with two or more first-degree relatives with colorectal cancer or a first-degree relative with colon or rectal cancer before age 60 should have a screening colonoscopy beginning at age 40 or beginning 10 years prior to the age of the earlier colon cancer diagnosis in their family (whichever is earliest). Those with a first-degree relative diagnosed with colon cancer after age 60 or two second-degree relative with colon or rectal cancer should begin screening at age 40 with one of the methods listed above, such as annual sigmoidoscopy. The most common colon cancer screening tests are colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and fecal occult blood test.

CT scans and Barium enemas are also routinely used for diagnosis of colon and rectal cancers.


Almost all colon tumors are treated with surgery first, regardless of stage. The malignant tumor, adjacent tissues and any lymph nodes that may contain cancer cells are removed.

In colon cancer, chemotherapy after surgery is usually only given if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes (Stage III). Radiation therapy may also be used to induce tumor regression. As with other cancer treatments, the incidence of side effects varies with patient health and the exact nature of the treatment.


There is not an absolute method for preventing colon cancer. Still, there are steps an individual can take to dramatically lessen the risk or to identify the precursors of colon cancer so that it does not manifest itself. People who turn age 50, and all of those with a history of colon cancer in their families, should speak with their physicians about the most recent screening recommendations from physician and cancer organizations. They should watch for symptoms and attend all recommended screenings to increase the likelihood of catching colon cancer early. Exercise is believed to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Apparently, no association exists between frequency of bowel movement or laxative use and risk of colon cancer.


Prognosis depends on the stage of the disease and the overall health of the patient. If diagnosed early, before the tumor has spread from the bowel, these treatments are very effective, with about 90% of patients alive five years after diagnosis. If the colon cancer does not come back (recur) within 5 years, it is considered cured. Prognosis is poor in patients with liver and lung metastases.

Dick Aronson has a background of 35 years in pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines, software development and human resources. He has for a number of years now been retained by companies looking to expand or needing to restructure. Publisher of numerous healthcare articles, some of Dick’s websites can be found at: and

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Colon Cancer – Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And Prognosis.

A Personal Injury Attorney In Richmond Va For Slip Accidents


Slipping and falling is a common source of injury for people in public spaces and at private establishments. In fact, the restaurant industry spends approximately two billion dollars a year on insurance claim payouts for these injuries. Sometimes people fall and do not think anything of it. Later, they may experience pain in the neck or back, or some other type of discomfort linked to their fall. Nerve damage and fractures are typical injuries derived from these accidents. Medical costs for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are expensive, and these injuries may alter a person’s ability to work in their normal employment.

The person who owned the property where the accident took place could be held liable for any personal injury. It’s actually difficult to win these cases because they are difficult to prove. The law must protect everyone, so there are provisions that determine people have a responsibility to watch their steps. A defense attorney will look for ways to prove that the injured party had contributed to their fall. One common reason these days is texting while walking. The plaintiff must be shown to be less negligent than the defendant.

Evidence is the key to a strong case and winning due compensation. In order to receive compensation for slip and fall accidents, a person must prove several factors. As time passes, this becomes more difficult to do, so it’s important to take action as soon possible. It is imperative to show how some kind of situation or act of negligence led to the accident.

With the prevalence of cell phones, it is easy enough to take pictures as documentation of spills, broken steps, or poor lighting. A witness is also helpful, whether or not he or she actually saw the accident take place. A witness can also attest to the conditions that led to the accident.

After this is established, it must be shown that the property’s owner’s negligence attributed to the danger condition. Medical reports are necessary to prove injuries said to be a result of the fall. All records of expenses incurred as a result should be kept, including medical bills and receipts. Anything that can help prove any aspect of your case should be obtained and used by aPersonal Injury Attorney Richmond VA.

Ways Diet Pills Can Harm Your Health

Obesity has spread like an epidemic throughout the world and there are more and more people who are making the decision to purchase diet pills each and every day in hopes of losing weight. These products all paint a pretty picture in their advertisements such as perfectly toned bodies with little or no fat and this makes us believe that we can have the same type of body for ourselves, but one thing that they fail to mention is that a lot of these pills come with potential dangers to your health.

There are many people who purchase over-the-counter or herbal pills and they automatically believe that they are safe to take, but the truth is that many of them come with different side effects to your body.

Some diet pills do not interact well with other types of medications and a lot of people fail to think about this before they take them. The best thing for you to do if you are thinking about taking pills to lose weight is to see your doctor first to make sure that they are safe for you to take.


Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in a lot of diet pills and although caffeine is widely used in other products, it can pose dangers in diet pills. It increases your metabolism and that causes your heart to race faster and that can give you the jitters and make you feel dizzy and tired. This can prove to be hazardous, especially if you do a lot of driving to make a living. Caffeine can also cause people with certain medical conditions to have an irregular heartbeat and chest pain and there are also those who are real sensitive to taking it.

There is also an ingredient in some diet pills that is known as synephrine or citrus aurantium that comes from bitter orange. This ingredient is supposedly a safe alternative to ephedrine which was banned, but the truth is that many people have reported problems with their gastrointestinal tract-colitis-and heart conditions from taking supplements containing synephrine. Willow bark is another ingredient that can be found in some diet pills and this has been used since ancient times and it is similar to aspirin and it contains something called salicin. This can prove to be dangerous to those people who take them who are sensitive to aspirin. They can experience side effects such as stomach pain or the formation of ulcers.

One of the most serious risks of taking diet pills with salicin involves those who are on blood thinners or taking aspirin as they can interact with each other and affect your blood coagulation ability which can result in heavy bleeding. Apart from the dangers that we have already discussed in diet pills, there are also hundreds of different other ingredients found in them that have not been scientifically evaluated in order to determine whether or not they pose any other health risks.

There is one thing that has been proven and that is that all prescribed pills have side effects, but the difference is that these pills have been proven scientifically to work and they have well known side effects which the doctors can readily manage.

Last of all, if you are considering purchasing any type of diet pills, make sure that you read the package to assure what ingredients they have in them and be aware that they are in no way safer to take than a prescribed pill.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you would like some great free information on eating healthy, than please visit my site where you will find some great tips to help you live a long and healthy life.

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I am a 54 year old retired mill worker from Northern Maine. I am happily married with 3 wonderful boys. My main interests are my family and God. I own a eating healthy web site with great tips and information that is designed to help you live a healthier and longer life. Author: Brent Cullen

How Are Access Systems Helpful?

byAlma Abell

Access control systems are software arrangements that are used to gain full control of all access points in the workplace or home. Access systems are comprised of three main components, namely software, hardware and access mechanics. These systems are used in many places across the world. These devices have three key operating components including the locks, the equipment for allowing and disallowing entry and the controller. The software commands the controller from a computer to run the entire system. This type of system is used in large corporations to log exits and entries into the premises and to create records.

The locks in such a system are opened and locked by a command from the computer. The systems come in two types; the magnetic and the electric. The magnetic one is more popular due to its convenience and durability. There is a wide array of tools that may be used to access the system like biometric scans and magnetic card readers. The choice of the access tool depends on the level of safety needed. The various types of these systems contain video as well as audio arrangements for single or various points. Some of these systems can be coupled with protection arrangements like fire doors, CCTV, fire roll calls and burglar alarms, to enhance security.

Biometric access control systems are electronic instruments used to identify bodily characters. These systems are capable of ascertaining whether the individual going through the door is using someone else’s credentials. Therefore, the systems prevent buddy-punching. Other advanced options use finger print confirmation. You may need these devices in your home for a number of functions. For instance, they will enable you to keep certain books, documents and other valuables from the kids. You may also use them to activate gates to driveways from your car or house. The application of access control systems varies from holiday tickets to home security.

If you need to have Access systems installed in your home or business, you should first determine the type you need. You should then consult experts like American Locksmiths. The company has considerable experience in home security systems, business security systems, safes and vaults. You can visit their website at to see more of their services.


Gcc Food Flavors Market Research Report

GCC Food Flavors Market:

Growth opportunities in the GCC food flavors market look promising over the next six years. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for a year-round supply of seasonal food items and ready-to-eat means and the shift towards frozen food due to the hectic lifestyle of people.

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GCC Food Flavors Market Dynamics (including market size, share, trends, forecast, growth, forecast, and industry analysis)Key Drivers

Individuals, primarily in UAE and Saudi Arabia, are searching for a year-round supply of ready-to-eat means and seasonable food items, which is one of the major drivers responsible for the growth of the GCC food flavors market. The busy lifestyle of people has resulted in an incline towards frozen food products, with a lot of nutritional content. According to the data collected by the UAE government, there has been a rapid boost in the total working population, with a total of 7.38 million labor force in 2018. The frozen and precooked meals, including veg meals, meatballs, and food products, are halal certified, owing to which they are experiencing robust growth across the country. The stimulating residential and hospitality sector, accompanied by the boost in the infrastructure projects such as the Murcia Residential Project, Four Season Jeddah Corniche, Qiddiya City, Neom Business City, and Jabal Omar Projects, will propel the food flavour market share. However, the rising consciousness towards the toxicity levels in pesticides and other health issues will curb the market size.

Origin Type Segment Drivers

On the basis of origin type, natural food flavors are projected to witness a higher CAGR over the forecast period. Natural food flavors are obtained from fruit juice or fruit, spices, vegetable juice, or edible vegetable yeast and provide numerous advantages like additional medicinal properties, decreasing food preparation time, and are nearly effortless. This has strengthened the market growth.

Application Segment Drivers

Based on the application, the beverage segment is anticipated to expand at a faster CAGR over the forecast period attributed to the expansion in this industry-led by changing consumer tastes and preferences. The industry mainly uses flavors, including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), citric, malic, phosphoric, and sucralose acid. The rising demand for natural flavors across consumers supports the manufacturers to opt for natural flavors to capture the varying demand of the target audience.

GCC Food Flavors Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by Origin Type:

  • Natural
  • Artificial

Segmentation by Form:

  • Liquid
  • Power & Pastes

Segmentation by Application:

  • Beverages
  • Bakery
  • Cereals
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Desserts
  • Dairy and Frozen Products
  • Snacks and Savory
  • Animal and Pet Food
  • Others

Segmentation by Countries:

  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Rest of GCC

About GMI Research

GMI Research is a market research and consulting company that offers business insights and market research reports for large and small & medium enterprises. Our detailed reports help the clients to make strategic business policies and achieve sustainable growth in the particular market domain. The company’s large team of seasoned analysts and industry experts with experience from different regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, among others, provides a one-stop solution for the client. Our market research report has in-depth analysis, which includes refined forecasts, a bird’s eye view of the competitive landscape, key factors influencing the market growth, and various other market insights to aid companies in making strategic decisions. Featured in the’Top 20 Most Promising Market Research Consultants’list of Silicon India Magazine in 2018, we at GMI Research are always looking forward to helping our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Media ContactCompany Name: GMI RESEARCHContact Person: Sarah NashEmail: enquiry@gmiresearch.comPhone: Europe – +353 1 442 8820; US – +1 860 881 2270Address: Dublin, IrelandWebsite:

Amazing Key West Tours

By Christopher Granger

The exciting things that you will have to do in Key West will seem endless when you are there. From shipwreck dive sites to laying on the beach, Key West has a lot to offer. While you are vacationing in this area, you will find many Key West tours that you can take part in.

Jet Ski Island Tour – For those of you that are looking for an aquatic adventure during your stay, the Jet Ski Island Tour is good news. During your guided tour, you will go twenty six miles around the coastline of this area. You can choose to go at a slow pace and enjoy the sights or you could cruise the waters quickly – the choice is all yours. During this tour, they will make numerous stops where you can enjoy the sandy white beaches. Don’t worry, because you will not be inactive for long. The stops will, however, give you some time to appreciate the landscape in the area. The guide will give you a lot of information about the indigenous plants and animal life in the area. If you love nature, then you will be amazed over the biodiversity of Key West.


Ultimate Adventure Tour – The Ultimate Adventure Tour offers plenty of outdoor and water sports activities. If you love water sports, then this tour is for you. If you have children, there are numerous kid-friendly activities that they can take part on during this tour. Enjoying these activities together, with your children, is the ultimate way to bond. The staff will provide all of the safety gear, equipment, supervision and instruction that is needed throughout the day.

Back Country Safari is another interesting tour. On this tour, you will make your way through turquoise waters abroad a Nineteenth Century skipjack. This Nineteenth Century Skipjack was originally used to harvest oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Later, it was used in the Florida Keys as a fishing vessel. During this adventure, you will get to snorkel. The knowledgeable guides will choose the ultimate snorkel places according to the weather, wind and current conditions during that day. They will pick the calmest spots that have the best clarity and are easy to swim in. They will supply you with all of the snorkelling gear, including wetsuits and masks during the winter. This is a combination tour that will also include kayaking in the Mangrove Islands. If you do not have any experience kayaking or snorkelling, don’t worry, because the guides will give you proper guidance during this excursion.

In addition to all of the activities and tours, at the end of the day, you cannot forget about the lovely world-class restaurants that are spread throughout the area. Along with world-class restaurants, you will also have classy lounges, historic streets and local bar dives. For those of you that are interested in these type of tours, there is a site you can turn to where there are major discounts – you do not have to pay the full price.

About the Author: If you are looking for travel tips to Miami, visit our site to find more information about Miami City Tours and Miami to Key West.


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