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How To Harness Positive Energy To Improve Your Quality Of Life

By T. Mahabir

If you possess the ability to think positive and harness positive energy, you will be able to improve the quality of your life, no matter what your age. The ability to do this can add as much as seven and a half years to your lifespan. Recognizing this, experts have generated different methods by which you can gather and use positive energy to benefit your life. Here are the different methods by which you can energize your life with positivity:


Listen to music that uplifts your mood as music has the ability to make you feel positive. This is because music appeals to both the right and left brain hemispheres and harmonizes them simultaneously. The rhythm used in music is predominantly mathematical, and that which has a logical pattern caters to the left brain and others to that of the right brain (responsible for emotional experiences). According to psychologists, music has the ability to induce emotions. These emotional effects have the ability to synchronize nerve pathways and brain cells.



Meditation is one of the most effective ways of gathering positive energy. When you meditate, your brain activity shifts from one area of the cortex to another. The brain waves move from the right frontal cortex (relatively highly stressed) to the left frontal cortex (relatively calmer). This shift in brain waves brings down stress and anxiety related issues. It also lowers the possibility of mild depression too. Research indicates that during and after meditation, the amygdala – the center for processing fear – experiences reduced activity. When reactions like fear, stress, depression and anxiety that send out negative energy, are reduced with music, it allows you to harness more positive energy.

There are numerous forms of meditation that can be used to induce positivity. If you are new to meditation, you should ideally start with a technique that is simple. One of the most effective forms of meditation for beginners is called mindful meditation. In this form of meditation, you relax by merely focusing on your breathing.

Positive thinking and self talk

During the day, you tend to process a stream of thoughts, and these are referred to as self talk. These are automatic thoughts that are typically positive or negative. This self talk can sometimes be based on fact and logic, while other times it can be based on assumptions and misconceptions. By allowing more positive thoughts to run through your mind, you will be able to feel positive, as a result of which you will be able to harness more positive energy.

Feel-good list

Create a list of items that make you feel good. This may include activities like cycling, walking a pet or clearing your personal space at home. It may also comprise of objects, people and situations that make you feel happy. Essentially, when creating this list, try to experience the joy that each of these elements bring you.

Gratitude list

Making a gratitude list is one of the ideal ways to attract positive energy. This is because, when you feel thankful, you are able to attract and send positive energy effectively. In your gratitude list, include the people, situations, objects and experiences that you feel thankful for.

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Golf Tips To Help You Learn The Game Faster

By Kenneth Gorveski

Golf tips are available online on the major aspects of the game. You can get lot of interesting tips relating to iron game, wood game, fitness, putting, equipment, warm-up and some more interesting golf tips from professional golfers.

A valuable iron game tip is to get the bottom of your swing in front of the ball when you attempt to hit the ball with your irons. This helps to contact the ball before the ground. You can strike the ball with irons much more steadily by following this tip.

Many amateur golf players complain that they cannot hit the ball well with the wood. Problem with most of the players is that the poor quality contact. Golf tips to such players are to put tee in the ground and stick up approximately 1 to 1.5 inches without a ball. You can then strike the tee without hitting. It is worth to practice this until you can strike the tee without touching the ground.


Do not ignore the importance of fitness:

Fitness is more important to win the game. Golf tips help you to stay fit. Strength, flexibility and endurance are the three major components of fitness, out of which flexibility is critical for golf. You can practice yoga to attain flexibility. You can gain mental and physical alertness with the help of a yoga instructor. You can even practice yoga by reading the special books or watching the videos.

Putting tips available online enables you to become a good putter. It is preferable to keep your pressure in your hands constantly throughout the stroke. If your grip changes during the stroke, then you cannot attain the desired results. Your hands should not be moved independently on your arms and shoulders. You can practice by watching your hands carefully.

Golf tips for handling the equipment are especially useful for a beginner player. There are several types of club fitting available like swing weight, grip size, shaft flex, lie angles, club head material and so on. The most important among them are lie angle and shaft flex. Lie angle is the angle between shaft and the sole whereas shaft flex is the stiffness or softness of the shaft. A skilled player can get good score with any of the clubs, as he has the ability to make changes in the club easily to adapt to his performance level. If you have your clubs fit properly, then you are able to play well.

You may not want to do warm-ups before starting to play. However, golf tips provided by professional players insist that warm-up can help to provide optimum performance. You can do some simple warm-ups like raising arms out to side and starting circles with your hands. You can do this in either direction for at least 60 seconds. This can help you to increase blood flow to shoulders. Warm-up lets you to make easy swing on first tee.

Mental relaxation is critical to win the game of golf. You need to focus your attention on positive aspects. Concentrate your mind only on things you want to achieve. Though difficult, you can accomplish it with practice.

About the Author: Kenneth is an author and webmaster. Visit his site on

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to help you get better at the game. Also be sure to learn about useful

golf driving tips

to help you hit the ball farther and straighter.


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Stockport Dentist Guide To Restoring Your Facial Profile

By Dr John Mantel

Many patients present the dentist with diverse complaints about a loss of facial height and profile.

Typically I cant see my teeth anymore when I smile and I am embarrassed to have my photograph taken, I have difficulty chewing my food or I dont like the gaps that have formed between my teeth to mention but a few. Or they may have acute toothache from an overstressed tooth because of progressive changes in the patients bite over a period of time.

However there is often a common link between all of these signs and symptoms and this article will guide you through a treatment protocol.

The patient is typically in the 45 years plus age group. They may have been habitually unconsciously grinding their teeth for a long time, especially at night or when they are stressed.


Clinical examination usually reveals extensive wear on the tooth surfaces often coupled with a loss of several of the back teeth and thus a forward drift of the lower jaw in order to get contact in chewing or function. The patient may sometimes have pain or discomfort in the hinge joints (Temporomandibular joints) just in front of their ears.

Examining the patients facial height usually reveals that the tip of their chin is far too close to the tip of their nose when they close their teeth together. This can give the patient a premature ageing effect. The teeth are often very small showing extensive wear.

To treat these cases successfully the dentist must consider the whole mouth. In the first instance a detailed and comprehensive examination is required. Taking full mouth X-rays and photographs as well as mounted study models or plaster cast.

Following this a diagnostic splint may be made for the patient to wear for a few weeks. This opens the bite up to nearer what it once was and should be worn as often as possible. It is made of clear acrylic and seats neatly over the top or bottom teeth. When the patient is found to be comfortable wearing the splint at the restored vertical height the dentist may then get the dental laboratory to duplicate the study casts and produce a diagnostic wax up of what the finished dentition would look like with all the teeth restored at the new vertical height.

Up until now none of the teeth in the patients mouth have had any active treatment from the dentist. Ultimately the detail from the wax up would have to be replicated in the patients mouth either by building up the natural teeth by crowning and or filling the gaps with bridges/dental implants or partial dentures.

Before any treatment is commenced the patient should receive a detailed written cost treatment plan from the dentist which they both understand and are happy with.

If any of the for mentioned facial problems concern you then dont be conscious of your smile or not showing your teeth .. Consult your dentist and explain your concerns. Your dentist should be able to help you or if not refer you to another practitioner who can.

This article is free to republish provided the authors resource box below remains intact.

About the Author: John Mantel is a

Stockport Dentist

and has considerable experience in guided bone regeneration techniques and bone grafting procedures. John also lectures internationally on implant dentistry and offers

Teeth Whitening in Manchester



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Potential Benefits Of Taking Children’s Swim Classes In Tucson Az

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byAlma Abell

According to the Red Cross, the second most common cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of 14 is drowning, with about two children within this age group dying each day. Swimming lessons can help prevent this, which is the biggest reason why they’re so widely recommended. However, even children who know how to swim need to be supervised when they’re in the water, as swimming doesn’t drown-proof a child.


It’s particularly important to consider Children Swim Classes in Tucson AZ, notes the Red Cross, as once children go beyond the 3rd grade without learning to swim, they’re less likely to ever learn this important and life-saving skill. Very young children can take parent and tot classes that get them accustomed to the water while preschoolers can start independent lessons. Group lessons are a good choice for many people, as they are less expensive than private lessons and readily available in many communities.

Taking Children Swim Classes in Tucson AZ will help children get over the fear of water, so they don’t panic if they fall into the water suddenly. Lessons also teach children safety rules to follow around water and help them develop confidence in themselves as they conquer each level and learn new swimming skills and strokes.

Swimming is a great sport to get into to keep children active all year round, potentially limiting their risk for becoming overweight. Children are more likely to participate in activities that they enjoy, and once they’ve gotten over any fears, most children tend to enjoy spending time in the water, especially on hot days. Knowing how to swim makes other water activities safer that children may enjoy, including kayaking, canoeing, tubing, wakeboarding, surfing and water-skiing. Kids who don’t know how to swim may have to turn down playdates with friends during the summer that include water activities, limiting their social interactions.

This type of exercise has other health benefits as well, such as improving heart health and increasing feelings of relaxation. It’s considered a whole-body workout, but it’s lower in impact, so it’s easier on the joints than some other types of whole-body workouts like running.

If you’re ready to sign your child up for lessons in Tucson, you could look here to find out more about local opportunities.

Why Do Schools Require Sports Physicals In Starkville, Ms?

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byAlma Abell

Once your child reaches the age of participating in team sports at school on any type of competitive level you will usually be told that your child needs to have yearly sports physicals in Starkville, MS. This is standard practice across the United States and, if the school doesn’t require it or your child is playing something outside of school, parents can request one on their own.

The Paperwork for Sports Physicals in Starkville, MS

When it comes to sports physicals in Starkville, MS there is a standard format or form that the school will require the doctor use to complete the exam. There will be questions about the medical history, which will include questions about family medical issues.


Usually this document is sent home with the child prior to sports physicals in Starkville, MS. The parents can then review their records and complete the medical history that is then brought to the actual appointment. It is essential to complete this form accurately as this history will alert the doctor if there are any potential areas of concern.

Physical Examination

Depending on the school or team the parents may be required to take the child to the doctor for sports physicals in Starkville, MS or the doctor may come to the school or team location.

The physical is very simple and basic and includes taking body measurements, recording heart rate and blood pressure, and checking all major joints, body systems and overall health and fitness.

The Importance of the Sports Physical

The doctors in sports physicals in Starkville, MS are attempting to screen for any physical issues that may pose a health risk or a danger to that child in participating in the sport. This is both to protect the child and also for liability purposes for the school or organization that is promoting the team activity.

In some cases health issues may be discovered during sports physicals in Starkville, MS that will not impact a child’s ability to play. In these cases the doctors will talk to the parents about their findings, typically referring the child to their own pediatrician or primary care doctor for further treatment if necessary.

We can schedule sports physicals in Starkville, MS for your children or your team. To learn more or scheduling an appointment by visiting us at .

Vertigo Exercises To Pr ACT Ice At Home For Curing Vertigo, Epley Maneuver, Brandt Daroff, Semo NT Toup

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VERTIGO EXERCISES TO PRACTICE AT HOME FOR CURING VERTIGO, EPLEY MANEUVER, BRANDT-DAROFF, SEMONT-TOUP by Dr. Anita BhandariVertigo is a feeling of dizziness caused due to the disturbances in the vestibular labyrinth region of the ear. Patients experiencing vertigo episodes may feel everything moving or spinning around them even if they are standing still or lying down. Nausea, imbalance, disoriented vision and vomiting are some other symptoms accompanied with vertigo.The most common cause of vertigo is BPPV, short for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Other causes include Meniere’s disease and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) which are caused by fluid build-up in the inner ear. Some other causes include tumors, multiple sclerosis ora head injuries which subsequently leads to damage in the inner ear causing vertigo eventually.Today, we are taking you through exercises that can be performed at home for treating vertigo effectively. Read about 3do-at-home exercises (chakkar aana remedies) that will cure vertigo-EXERCISESBrandt-Daroff ExerciseBrandt-Daroff, chakkar aana remedy, must not be performed if you’re planning to go on a drive shortly later. This is because driving can provoke dizziness. 1. To begin with, one must sit on a flat surface with their legs hanging similar to when we sit on a chair.2. Next, turn your head as far as you can towards the left side. Then lay your head and torso down on your right side. Your legs should not move. Hold this position for 30 seconds or until vertigo eases off, whichever is longer.3. Sit up and bring your head back to the center position.4. Repeat the exercise on the other side similarly.Brandt-Daroff exercise for vertigo cure, sar ghumne ka upchar,can be performed in a set of 5 repetitions, 3 times a day and twice a week.Semont-Toupet ManeuverThe Semont-Toupet maneuver, sar ghumne ka upchar, is quite similar to the set of its movements to the Epley Maneuver exercises (discussed under) but requires less neck flexibility. 1. Start by sitting upright on a flat surface. Put a pillow behind you and stretch your legs wide. 2. Lie down by turning to your right side and looking towards your left side upwards.3. Sit up and turn to your left side. Keep your head facing towards the left side. You will now be looking down toward the ground.4. Slowly return to your original position, looking forward and sitting straight up.Epley ManeuverEpley Maneuver is yet another effective chakkar aana remedy that can be performed at home by people suffering from vertigo.1. Start by sitting upright on a flat surface. Put a pillow behind you and stretch your legs wide. 2. Turn your head 45 degrees to the right.3. Keeping your head titled, quickly recline on the pillow with your head. Hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds.4. Slowly turn your head to the left at full 90 degrees without lifting your neck.5. Turn your whole body to the left to be completely on your left side.6. Slowly return to your original position. Look forward and sit up straight.More Information click this # Source:


How To Avoid Gym Rage}

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How to avoid Gym rage


HansHave you heard about this recently? Many of us go through this at our local gym or fitness centre on a regular basis and are become increasingly frustrated. It usually starts as a group of trainees chat away their experiences of the day on a bench or at a piece of equipment for fifteen minutes while you are waiting to use it.

Or someone is standing directly in front of the barbell rack doing tiny lateral raises when you want to get at the really big weights. Or casuals using equipment favoured by the regulars and often looked at like pieces of personal furniture for their own use.

All this builds up stress especially between the months of January and April when the newcomers hit the gyms and fitness centres in an attempt to lose the weight gained over the Christmas and New Year period.

In trying to realise their New Years resolutions they overcrowd the aerobics area and take over the weight room leaving weights lying around and causing queues for equipment. Regulars of the gym experience these problems and tempers start to flare in a phenomenon becoming known as

“Gym Rage”

During this testing time, all gym-goers, both new and experienced and the employees of the fitness clubs know that the newcomers usually only last until April and after that their good intentions run out. To help you through this stressful time have a look at and follow some of the hints below:


Stand at the back of the aerobics class when you first start, as you will usually find the hard-core regulars will be down the front.

Their are no rules that govern how many members a gym can sign up, causing some fitness centres to become overcrowded with everybody wanting to use them in the morning and afternoon on their way to and from work.

So try to plan your visit to the gym a little earlier than usual or later in the day or evening. There is only one effective way to beat the January to April rush and that is to workout out late at night after 7.00pm

Talking on your cell phone whilst you are working out, this will tie up a machine or piece of equipment for a long time causing problems. Its recommended that you turn off your cell phone whilst at the gym.

Don’t hog the machines; try not to go over the time limits set on the particular machine you are using. If there is a time limit please stick to it. The thing that annoys most people is the way people sit on a machine knocking out set after set.

By performing one set to muscular failure and moving on will free up the machines for use by the next person.

Wipe the machines down after use, try not to leave your sweat on the piece of equipment you have just used, use a towel to separate yourself from the machine while you make use of it and wipe it down thoroughly after use.

Don’t drop the weights onto the ground and dont clang them loudly as this is very off-putting to the other members. Make sure you return the weights to there correct place on the racks when you’re finished with them even though you might have found them lying on the floor.

One thing you don’t want to do is constantly ask people if they’ve finished using a machine when they’re obviously still exercising on it. If anything the trainee will try to sit on it longer just to annoy you. Be patient; don’t interrupt them while they are lifting, wait until they finish their set first.

A gym isn’t a social club dont stand around in large groups chatting especially if you have a machine in use, do your talking in the locker room or at reception.

Dont leave your towel or other personal items lying around on a bench or piece of equipment if you are not using it. Leave your training space as clean as the way you found it. If the equipment is unattended for more than five minutes go ahead and use it, but be prepared to share also, let people work in with you if the difference in weight is not too large.

Leave enough space around you so that other people can approach the weight rack and get the equipment they need.

Dont scream when you are going for that personal best lift, remember that the others around you are concentrating on their own work out to and don’t need to hear you screaming out for attention. Exhaling loudly as you contract the muscles during your set is fine.

Dont hog the water fountain, only take a few mouthfuls of water and then move away, dont fill up your huge water bottle with cold water and leave warm drinking water for the rest of the members.

Follow the gyms code of conduct usually seen on the walls of the gym or fitness centre, if trainees are not following the code report it to management dont take it into your own hands.

Do yourself a favour and put these simple steps to use the next time you are in the gym and you will be in for a much more pleasant experience. Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to health , exercises and other information, do please browse for more information at our websites.

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Quick Reviews On Science And Engineering}

Quick Reviews on Science and Engineering


Wandile Maseko

With the goal of understanding every subject from a Christian perspective, the students of a Biblical Engineering program would not only be interested in the technical training but the gaining and creating of Biblical perspectives on subjects. During such a program, students could customize their learning based on the written body of knowledge needed to accomplish their learning goals and measurable objectives, which could be maintained using project management skills. Also of note, is that during the 2004-2005 school year, there were 565,039 foreign students enrolled in institutions of higher learning in the U.

A comparative study is made between cryogenically treated specimen and non-cryogenically treated specimen to know about the significant change of the mechanical properties of cryogenically treated materials like wear resistance, hardness and impact strength. Izod impact testing machine was used to know about the impact strength of a cryogenically treated HSS (M2 grade) tool in comparison with non-cryogenically treated HSS tool of same grade.

The maintenance free vinyl gazebo is made of good and strong materials available on the market, it is sometimes designed to look like a wrought iron gazebo. Iron is known for its strength and ability to withstand the elements better than fencing made with other materials.


You must go immediately to the doctor that is capable of treating someone with chemical pneumonia if you see and feel any of these symptoms: blue mouth and skin, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, fatigue, chest pains, cough with bloody sputum, sudden chance of voice, unconsciousness. In order for you to have a chance of getting better with a certain physician, in my opinion he/she needs to make a declaration to you that they recognizes the intensity and the reality of your symptoms and that they are indeed related to a chemical toxicity.

Some fields of Engineering allow the move into management or sales, in which cases, the Engineering background enables detailed discussion of technical aspects and aids in product planning, installation, and use of technology. Online engineering technology studies take into consideration the specifications, functions, and design of products, as well as the testing and evaluation of all components of product effectiveness. Computer network engineering college and university graduate degree programs are designed for engineers with bachelor degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline, and for engineers in the fields of design and development of network systems, components, products, and services.

With the emergence of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), architectural renderings went through a radical change imparting an exact replica of the project. Also, the architectural expertise and the design expertise of 3d modeling companies can be combined to create life-like models which would be utilized on the project website, brochures and other sale materials. In addition to enabling architectural firms see the project before its completion, developers could also use computer-assisted architectural renderings to inform their clients about what the finished structure will look like, which can be very useful, especially in selling condominium units.

Now the average home is equipped with a 200 amp electrical service with a distribution panel handling up to 40, 15amp circuit breakers serving the electrical needs of the home. Most standard sized homes built prior to the 1960’s were equipped with a 60 amp electrical service. While many companies are recognise there AS/NZS3760 obligations which requires them to periodically test and tag their single phase and poly phase electrical equipment in the workplace, this new standard indicates the requirements for the post-sale safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment, which has been repaired, or undergone service maintenance which could have affected its electrical safety.

And in currency technical analysis, the most important theory ever, for understanding market movement, is Dow Theory – but its influence is vastly under estimated by the bulk of traders.

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Science and engineering technology

. And get tips on

science fair project ideas


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