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Present Day Value Of Engineering Cad Drawings

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Present Day Value of Engineering CAD Drawings


sumit rana

With advancements in the field of technology, several techniques can now be used to design engineering structures. Computer Aided Design is one such technique that makes engineering design convenient. In order to design and develop products used by end consumers, CAD engineering drawings prove useful. Right from the product conceptualization stage to final detailing, CAD is used extensively in engineering sector. Engineering CAD drawings are made with the help of AutoCAD software. This software makes complex engineering drawing simple and accurate. For architectural, electrical and mechanical CAD drawings, AutoCAD software is used. By this process, hand-drawn sketches can be converted into computerized blueprints quite easily. There is also the possibility of editing drawings, as these are saved in digital formats. Engineering CAD drawings can be modified if there is a change in the project. Further, these drawings can be saved in the hard disk of a computer and used for future references. Drawings can be mailed to the engineers working in any part of the globe.

In almost all engineering-based industries such as automotive, architecture, ship building, electronics, construction and aerospace, engineering drawings are used. For designing buildings, architects use CAD solutions. Civil engineers and architects are benefited by CAD while creating architectural, electrical, structural and interior designs. In mechanical engineering companies, CAD is used in a number of ways. It finds application in various manufacturing processes, right from creating engineering drawings to 3D modeling. Engineering companies are able to design products or components for machinery with the help of 3D modeling and pro-engineering packages. Engineering CAD drawings save money, time and ensure accuracy and precision. For things such as PCB designs and wiring layout designs, professionals of electrical and electronic engineering industries use CAD. Using engineering drawings, overall layout of the manufacturing unit can be designed. CAD has brought about a revolution in the engineering sector, as large projects can, now, be completed within the stipulated period of time. Quicker product turnaround time is enabled due to CAD engineering process, and, consequently, more and more products are introduced in the market.


Engineering CAD drawings

are responsible for the advent of robotics into the manufacturing sector. For increased accuracy and production, more and more engineering processes are being automated. 3D geometry is used in CAD systems as input. The loading conditions are replicated by the system and information is provided if the structure can sustain the real loading condition. On the other hand, manual drawing does not have this attribute. In order to simulate real-time mechanism, 3D CAD geometry can be utilized. Hence, without generating a prototype, the functionality of a machine can be controlled. Further, on the FTP server file engineering drawings can be digitally stored. Once created, the documents can be accessed through the Internet easily. Engineering CAD drawing can be made private and other users can be restricted from accessing any kind of critical project information. Access level of each CAD document can be defined in order to provide administrative rights to limited users for accessing vital information. In order to complete manual drawings, drafters take many days. However, this not the case with CAD

engineering drawings

, which can be performed within a very short period, thus enabling progress in the projects.

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The Complex And Precise Work Of Agricultural Grain Dryers In Oregon

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byAlma Abell

To feed livestock throughout the cold winter months, owners of these animals must have access to large amounts of dry food like hay and pellets. Grain Dryers in Oregon can be integral in the process of feeding animals when farmers do not have their own silos or grain elevators. The owner of one or two horses can get through the winter by buying or bartering for hay from local farmers and by picking up oats from the feed store. But, larger enterprises require a substantial amount of food.

Grain Storage


Many farmers have a feeding system in which they grow a large acreage of field corn, allow it to dry after maturity, and then harvest it and store it right there on the farm. Others must buy their feed from a local enterprise. The sight of huge grain elevators is common throughout the country on the edges of its agricultural centers. Those elevators not only store feed for animals but also seed for the next season’s crop planting.

Complex and Precise Processes

Drying wheat and other foods in Grain Dryers in Oregon is a complex process that is intended to be as precise as possible. Operators of this equipment understand the temperatures at which various grains dry most effectively without reducing their nutrient content.

Optimal air flow is important, so every single grain dries uniformly. The most important effort is to eliminate moisture, which is a significant risk factor for mold and fungal growth. Spoilage of a batch of grain would be a major hit to the financial plan.

Investing in the Equipment

Sometimes, a farmer who doesn’t have any drying or storage equipment decides it’s time to invest in this agricultural infrastructure. A large amount of money is required the upfront, but it can pay off relatively quickly. This businessperson not only reduces the costs of feeding animals on site but can sell feed to other owners of livestock. Maximum profits are achieved, and so is convenience for the workers and the quality of the food. Anyone who is thinking about buying some of this equipment may Visit Leon James Construction Company online today.

Pisco Pneumatic Equipment Promotes Operator Safety}

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Pisco pneumatic equipment promotes operator safety


Vikram Kumar

The use of industrial-grade equipment of any kind necessitates the use of appropriate safety gear to reduce the element of risk and prevent injuries. When you use Pisco pneumatic equipment you are by default reducing the risk of accidents as they are manufactured under strict safety guidelines and meet international manufacturing standards. Pneumatic valves are a very important component of any equipment that uses compressed gas. These fundamental control valves are also called switches and they control the flow of air into the output port. There are various types of flow control valves available.


Needle valves create a pressure drop right across the valve opening thus adjusting and generating flow control. The pressure-compensated regulator valves maintain the air flow if there are load pressure fluctuations in the system. The proportional control valves maintain consistency between the air flow and the current that is used to operate the pneumatic system. Though standard pneumatic valves will be available, custom made components and equipment is also available as there is a huge variation in the application of pneumatics and tailor-fit tools are in high demand. What this also means is that when the best components go into the assembly of the best tools, efficiency and safety levels automatically improve. Always buy the highest grade of components that fit your specific system requirements and control the air flow throughout the pneumatic circuit in an efficient manner. It is necessary to check these valves at regular intervals to ensure that they are working effectively. Despite the amount of care you take with using the best quality equipment, accidents might take place. By and large, improper equipment installation and operator errors are two major factors that can cause accidents on work sites and eliminating these can go a long way in creating a safer work environment for those who use these powerful tools. There are a few guidelines that should be stringently followed while any kind of heavy equipment is being used. Wearing head gear like a safety helmet while working with pneumatic equipment is one of the most important things to remember. Wearing a graded helmet that meets safety standards will not just protect your head from fall impacts but injury from heavy equipment as well. The head is the control centre of your body and keeping it safe is critical. Your eyes are other organs that need to be protected. Compressed gas can be very powerful and there is constant danger of loose bits of material being flung in every possible direction even when Pisco pneumatic equipment is being used. Safety goggles are a must when you use this equipment and it is a fallacy that those who use prescription glasses do not need to wear safety goggles. The standard rule is that you never operate pneumatic tools without wearing a pair of sturdy industrial goggles. Your vision is one of your most important senses and it makes a whole lot of sense to be safe than sorry. Always wear heavy steel-toed boots when you are working in a zone that uses pneumatic tools and steer clear of foot injuries. When you are equipped with the right gear and have the backing of the best equipment, a safe work environment is not something that is left to chance.

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Pisco pneumatic equipment

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pneumatic valves

are an important piece of every piece of equipment and are manufactured to high safety standards.

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Pisco pneumatic equipment promotes operator safety}

Mining Shelters

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Mining Shelters


Jon Maure

Universal Fabric Structures specialises in the design, manufacture, and fitting of quality pre-engineered fabric structures for multi-purpose collecting, heavy equipment covers, storage and general mining shelter applications.

Designed employing a light structural frame covered with high strength surface cladding, UFS mining shelters provide an cost-effective, simple to install alternative to standard structuresfor permanent or semi-permanent applications.


UFS mining shelters include the Rapid-Span, Supa-Span, and Alu-Span product offering, these structures are all simply disassembled and movable making them good for interim facilities with resale options.

easy Installation

UFS prefabricated mining shelters are designed for fast, low cost installation.


Quality Structural Frame

The backbone of a UFS mining shelter is a well-engineered structural framing system with the best corrosion protection system available.

easy Foundations

Rapid-Span structures can sometimes be installed with relocatable foundations. Where concrete is needed, the structural engineering of UFS mining shelters generally make allowance for lower foundation costs.

durable Translucent Fabrics

UFS uses high strength, heavy weight, coated fire retardant fabrics from proved suppliers, with lifespans of twenty – 40 years. Using white see though fabrics allows for a well-lit, energy efficient, interior work environment that results in significant reduction of operating costs.

Efficient Space function

UFS truss frames on the Alu-Span and S-Span series allows for cost effective clear span space, with a variety of span profile shapes and door system options to best accommodate heavy machinery storage and warehousing requirements.

Suitable for hard Sites

The structural steel design and flexible tensile surfaces of UFS mining shelters allows installation on uneven or sloping sites.

Low upkeep

The aggregate of top of the range, corrosion resistant structural frames and tough, coated surfaces ensure a long, low maintenance life for UFS mining shelters.


UFS designs and manufactures engineered mining shelters of the highest quality. Many of our design features are unique to UFS. From start to finish, quality is the baseline for each part of the UFS process.

Environmental Control

The membrane cladding of a fully enclosed UFS mining shelter is steadily sealed to offer a weather-tight shell. Structures can be effectively insulated, heated, or air conditioned as required.

The UFS mining shelter product range include the easy-to-erect Rapid-Span structures ( 5-16 m wide ), light weight Alu-Span structures ( 15 50 m wide ), and our completely customizable, clear span Supa-Span series ( 30-97 ) m wide. The Alu-Span series is available for lease thru our AllSite division ( ). All other structures are available for sale only.

Universal Fabric Structures are Australian experts in the design, manufacture and installation of pre-engineered tensile fabric structures. Visit the Universal Fabric Structures site to find out more about

mining shelters


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Ontologies And Software Engineering

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Submitted by: Waralak V. Siricharoen

This content below is combined from several research and work; the author would like to thank the all sources for providing this useful information. And thank you UTCC for funding the research for all these past years.

Tthe object model is the center of data modeling; on the other hand ontology itself has the concept which is the basis of knowledge base. The goal of the data model is to certify that all data objects required by the database are completely and accurately represented. Because the data model uses easily understood notations and natural language, it can be examined and confirmed as correct by the end-users. Ontologies are objects of interest (universal of discourse).


Ontology describes the types of things that exist, and rules that govern them; a object model defines records about things, and is the basis for a database design. Not all the information in ontology may be needed (or can even be held) in a data model and there are a number of choices that need to be made (West, M., 2006).

Ontologies are promised to bright future. This paper proposes that as ontologies are closely related to modern object oriented software engineering, it is natural to adapt existing object-oriented software development methodologies for the task of ontology development. This is some part of similarity between descriptive ontologies and database schemas, conceptual data models in object oriented are good applicant for ontology modeling, however; the difference between constructs in object models and in current ontology proposals which are object structure, object identity, generalization hierarchy, defined constructs, views, and derivations. We can view ontology design as an extension of logical database design, which mean that the training object data software developers could be a promising approach. An ontology is the comparable of database schema but ontology represent a much richer information model than normal database schema, and also a richer information model compared to UML class/object model. Object modeling focus on identity and behavior is completely different from the relational model s focus on information.

It is likely to adjust existing object oriented software development methodologies for the ontology development. The object model of a system consists of objects, identified from the text description and structural linkages between them corresponding to existing or established relationships. The ontologies provide metadata schemas, offering a controlled vocabulary of concepts. At the center of both object models and ontologies are objects within a given problem domain. The difference is that while the object model should contain explicitly shown structural dependencies between objects in a system, including their properties, relationships, events and processes, the ontologies are based on related terms only. On the other hand, the object model refers to the collections of concepts used to describe the generic characteristics of objects in object oriented languages. Because ontology is accepted as a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization, we can naturally link ontologies with object models, which represent a system oriented map of related objects easily.

About the Author: Waralak V. Siricharoen Computer Science Department, School of Science,

University the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC)

Dindeang, Bangkok, Thailand,


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Triveni Infrastructure Builder Construction At Faridabad Projects

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Triveni Infrastructure Builder – Construction At Faridabad Projects



Make sure you know how significantly you are needs in terms of the number of your income on a mortgage. To prevent potential problems, you should do not invest more than 35 of your pretax income on your complete mortgage. That includes as well as your mortgage payment but also your home protection and property tax payments as well.

Maybe you and your children care for to try out household games and observe movies to the weekends. Therefore your home will need a large children room for the household to be at ease with a view to enjoy my games otherwise observe the actual movies. On the alternative hand, it could seem exactly you and your spouse. You like toward cuddle by the fireplace to the couch and simply read books to each other. Your home will need any fireplace and one library so that you fit our necessitate.


Don’t forget that if this article hasn’t provided you with exact real estate triveni infrastructure development information, you can use any of the main search engines on the Internet, to find the exact real estate triveni infrastructure development information you need.

When you’re buying your own home, there are some issues that you must remember in order to protect yourself. The very first matter you need to do is find a competent real estate professional that can help you with your home search. Sure, you can find a home by yourself. However, if you do not have professional support then you might make a inaccuracy and cost yourself a lot of money. Real estate agents are not entirely there to collect a payment. They are really there to secure your best interests, and they typically work for available for a buyer.

You may want to start desiring different houses even before the time comes to make the buying decision. You can able to understand from other buyers as to the best way they achieve their preferences. As you accumulate more house scrutiny experiences, you will get ready when it is time that you consider purchasing a house. Know about not inspecting too many houses, as you might feel tired.

When it comes to securing a quality mortgage loan, it is important to search beyond the interest rate to the true price of the loan, equally today and in the future. Read the paperwork, as well as the fine print, thoroughly, specially if the interest rate is below market rates. On closer scrutiny you may find that the interest rate is guaranteed for only a brief period of time, also that it is subject to climb quickly in the future. Your mortgage loan may be crucial deal you may ever sign, and it is essential that you know your rights plus your obligations before signing on the dotted line.

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Global Trends In Cosmetic Industry}

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Global Trends in Cosmetic Industry



Cosmetic dyes are widely used for various purposes across various sectors and industries. They especially have a wide variety of uses in the cosmetic industry. They are used across hair dyes, nail polish, lipsticks. Thus the one factor most of us are most concerned about is in regard to the safety. We always wonder how safe using these would be. However before we go into further details of understanding how to make use of the right cosmetic colours and dyes to make your product more attractive and safe for your customer, let us get to know what they are.

Cosmetic dyes and colours: Explained

Cosmetic colours are also known as cosmetic lakes. These colours are produced by taking the help of absorption of dyes that are water soluble onto a substrate. It makes the colour insoluble in water. Cosmetic lake colors are made by making use of unique technology. The technology helps in attaining extremely fine particles. These particles help in achieving shade consistency. In comparison water soluble colours cosmetic lakes are much more stable. They also generate vivacious and brighter colours. It has been seen that cosmetic pigments and lakes are more suitable for food products that contain fats and oils. They are also suitable for those products that do not contain enough moisture for dissolving colours.

Cosmetic dyes, on the other hand are used for making cosmetic colours. These dyes are widely used by the cosmetic manufacturing industries and businesses. They are primarily used for manufacturing hair dyes, lipsticks, nail polishes, shampoo as well as other personal care products. It has been seen that generally water soluble & food dyes are very easy and safe to use. These dyes are mostly used for a wide variety of applications. They include cleaning chemicals, soaps, cosmetic products etc.

Know which ones are safe for use

Be it the use of any type of cosmetic dyes or cosmetic colorants safety of use is a primary consideration. Cosmetic colours and cosmetic dyes often make use of a wide range of synthetic colours. These are often referred to as FD&C colours. They are mainly extracted through coal tar and are basically a by-product of petroleum. Research shows that some particular coal tar based dyes lead to different types of cancer. This is why the FDA regulates them. They also determine the arsenic or lead amount they contain. Thus there are many restrictions in the use of such colours.

Some global trends in Cosmetic dyes and cosmetic colours

World wide it is seen that North America, followed by Europe, has the largest market for color cosmetics. This is due to innovations in color cosmetics. Other factors also include high consumer disposable income and frequent new product launches in color cosmetic market in the region. However Asia too is expected to show high growth rate in the color cosmetics market in next few years. This is on account of the increasing consumer incomes and rising in awareness about personal care products in the region.

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