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Emaar Scam Accused Offers All Possible Co Operations In A Bid To Clear Name

Submitted by: Pankaj Wahal

Emaar Properties is a Dubai based real estate developer. Founded in the late 90 s, Emaar began its operation with a vision to change the global living standard. Exceptional flair of architecture, stylish elegance and a whole new concept of community living gave Emaar the much needed edge. Overcoming several challenges of the real estate industry, Emaar established itself as the foremost player in the realm of construction and real estate development throughout the Middle East. Several magnificent architectural masterpieces such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall under its belt, Emaar became the numero uno in Dubai s thriving real estate sector. Another wondrous creation is the Dubai fountain, stated to be the world tallest performing fountain. As of date, Emaar has established its operational base in almost all the Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan in addition to the south Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Emaar has even left its footprint in the developed western economies of America and England. Till date, Emaar Properties has developed approximately 89 millions square feet of real estate all over the world across residential, commercial and several other related segments. Besides the core business of real estate development, Emaar also provides property management services, engages in hospitality, healthcare and educational services and dabble in financial investment.

India real estate sector started feeling Emaar s presence as early as 2003 though it was only couple of years later when Emaar made its intent of long term plans known by entering into a joint venture with MGF Development Limited forming Emaar MGF. The combined entity along with the Dubai principal undertook several developmental projects all across the country. Major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra have seen the benevolence of this global real estate developer. Its chief project includes the 2010 Commonwealth Games village in the heart of the country, New Delhi, Boulder Hills Township in Hyderabad, and The Esplanade in Chennai etc. However, in 2011, Emaar became involved in allegations over undervaluing of a luxurious Boulder Hills township plot in Hyderabad. This controversy hitherto came to be called as Emaar case. Emaar case has all the ingredients of making one of the most sensational news of the decade several celebrities and film-stars, high profile government officials and above all a global brand name, media and local politicos had a field day with this controversy without getting to know the real facts surrounding the scam. Emaar scam accused, the global giant was served summons from CBI for alleged involvement in the Emaar case. Emaar scam accused in response to this summons has offered all possible cooperation to CBI. Initial investigation has revealed nothing against the global giant, thus supporting Emaar s claim for no role in the fiasco.


Today, Emaar has come a long way leaving behind the memories of Emaar case. The real estate giant has made its stance very clear in the Indian real estate sector with several major projects in the pipeline. From seven star hotels to shopping complexes, Emaar continues to rule the Indian real estate industry notwithstanding Emaar case.

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Witnessed The Growth Of Real Estate Over Forty Percent In Bangalore Suburbs

Witnessed the growth of real estate over forty percent in Bangalore suburbs



Real Estate Bangalore is presenting a huge return on investments conjointly on residential flats because the residents of Bangalore is glorious place for living. As the residential properties in Bangalore have extended in all respect the most important places across the city due to relocation of experienced persons from everywhere the world. Bangalore properties have created a big mark as range of population comprehend that Bangalore is the final property investment haven. The realty developers of Bangalore property analyzed all needed facilities in their construction to offer individuals the modern residential developments that are satisfying the dreams of having a perfect home at a reasonable value.

In Bangalore one will realize several distinguished and world top real estate developers, such as Tata Housing, Shri Mantri builders, SJR Group, Sobha Builders, Shree Sapthagiri Layout, Asset Builders, Sonestaa Meadows, etc. These are few top rate developers of Bangalore who understands the value of people s hard-earned income; thus, they\’re providing the unrivaled constructions. Taking into consideration these necessities the builders are targeting their residential project market.


With metro connectivity to areas like Devanahalli, Mysore Road, Sarjapur and Kanakapura road the real estate costs of places like Bidadi and Hoskote have shot up. In fact the cost escalations in the peripheral districts of Bangalore are rumored to be sharper than in the Central Business district.Bangalore outskirts have witnessed one amongst the foremost sturdy growth and higher worth trajectory patterns in the last number of months. Real Estate developments in the sort of flats, villas, apartments and plots have mushroomed all around Bangalore.They are in the business of real estate in Bangalore for the last one and half decades and all the investments in the outskirts, whether or not it\’s in North or towards Tamil Nadu or Mysore or Tumkur, have witnessed a growth of over forty percent, as given the statement by Mr. S. Manjunath, the MD of Soukyam.Detailed studies by varied real estate property funds, managements and connected analysis organizations have confirmed this pattern. So the real estate costs in the outskirts of city, consisting for the most part of, revenue sites are growing faster than the inner city or CBD space.

The land costs in these localities but vary reckoning on under that governing body they are available under. Even in the outskirts, there are completely different rates, depending on the type of land, as observed by Mr. N M Murthy, who deals in sale of plots primarily within the outskirts of Bangalore. BDA property remains thought-about the most effective, because it could be a matter of time before Kaveri water and other associated facilities are provided. This is often followed by village punchayat and revenue land, that rely for the most part on bore-wells and well water.Those who have purchased plots , apartments, flats, or villas in the outskirts have attained higher returns on investments, in the previous couple of months. Take the case of Sanathan Murthy; he bought` a small two-bedroom villa in January this year. Even though it\’s still in the outskirts, beyond Biocon towards Tamil Nadu, it\’s appreciated staggeringly. Nowadays if they had to purchase residential property in Bangalore in the same space, he is not sure whether he can afford it.

According to specialists in real terms of ROI, if they invest in the outskirts by the principle of higher ROI on outskirts investments , consumers will expect about 566 % returns, during a matter of few years.

Prop Tiger is an independent real estate advisor with a pan-India presence. We aspire to be your first port of call if you want to buy a property in Bangalore | Real estate Bangalore

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Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green With Care}

Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green with Care


Rebecca Beckett

Eco friendly ways of living are becoming more popular and more important to people. Creating eco friendly assisted living facilities or adult care homes are next on the list. You may think becoming more earth conscious just means recycling or re-using paper or plastic. However, for the homes that have that decided to become eco friendly it is so much more than that.

Green Construction

The first step in creating an eco friendly assisted living facility is constructing it in such a way and with such materials that are going to be environmentally friendly. From inception, green materials are chosen and decisions are made about each aspect of its construction. Generally buildings that are built in such a way are known as green buildings and are built with renewable materials, efficient in the way it is built and efficient with the energy used to build it and the energy that is generated within.


Green Systems

Upon completion of the eco friendly facility, decisions are made regarding the systems used indoors as well. From the green materials to the air, water and laundry purification, all are going to be chosen with the environment and residents health in mind. This will protect the environment and its resources while removing daily toxins from residents. Creating a pure air quality would also be considered when determining the types of green systems to establish. The benefit of being eco friendly up front in the construction is that it can save a lot of energy costs in the long run. This savings would hopefully spread to the overall cost for each resident.

Green Options

To further the eco friendly environment, all amenities are also made to go green. Facilities that offer Beauty salons or Barber Shops are considered when making the change to an all green facility. This might include any food served or items given to residents at any time. Each facility might make the call on how far it wants to go to stay green. However, residents should be aware that an entirely eco friendly assisted living facility may be more expensive because of the additional cost of making these green options a reality.

Living in an assisted living facility or any senior living facility that is go green can have many potential health benefits while being more safe and friendly to the environment. When considering the types of assisted living options, look into what they are doing to stay green. While many older facilities may not have been built with eco friendly systems in mind you can ask questions regarding what they may do in the future or how they can change their current systems to accommodate residents needs in this area. Assisted living facilities should want to provide a healthy, productive environment for its residents. If going green is going to be more economically beneficial in the long run there is no reason that they wouldnt choose that option when presented with it.

Consider too the ways you can go green in your own home. Little things can help you save energy, conserve resources and promote good health for you and your loved ones. Look into the green options you have so you can begin to make your difference.

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Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green with Care}

11 Things Your Podiatrist Really Wishes You Wouldnt Do}

11 Things Your Podiatrist Really Wishes You Wouldnt Do



As runners, our most valuable possessions are our feet. And while our tootsies may not win any beauty contests (hello, black toenails and blisters galore), their overall health is crucial, as it impacts our entire skeletal structure, explains Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, D.P.M. and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association. Turns out, there are lots of little things we do everyday that set us back on this front.

Here, Sutera and two other podiatrists share the widely-practiced, surprisingly harmful habits that damage our feet”and what we should do instead.

Cutting out an Ingrown Toenail Yourself

Why Its Bad: Almost everyone will suffer from an ingrown toenail during their life, whether it be the result of an injury, poor fitting shoes, or genetics, explains Dr. Amanda Meszaros, an Ohio-based podiatrist. Many will attempt to resolve the issue with bathroom surgery, i.e. an at-home, self-directed procedure, often performed with non-sterile, ineffective instruments. A common result: a splinter that will fester, cause an infection, or trigger a fleshy growth called pyogenic granuloma that results from minor trauma.

What to Do Instead: Seek professional help early, advises Meszaros, noting that in-office treatment is easy, simple, and offers quick relief of symptoms.

Running a Race or Distance Run in a New Pair of Shoes


Why Its Bad: I see many runners who get close to a race and think Oh crap, I better get a new pair of sneakers! says Dr. Lori Weisenfeld, NYC sports podiatrist. But even if you purchase the exact same model, running in fresh sneaks can give you blisters and/or shin splints simply because they havent been broken in yet. I tell patients to never opt for new shoes in a competitive or distance situation, explains Weisenfeld.

What to Do Instead: Once you find a sneaker brand and model that works well for you, purchase several pairs and alternate usage, advises Weisenfeld. This means youll always have a backup come race day.

Committing to One Shoe Size

Why Its Bad: Its a common misconception that once you reach adulthood, your shoe size is set in stone. Many of us buy the same shoe size year after year without regard to structural changes, and attribute new discomfort to simply aging or wear and tear, says Meszaros. But as we get older, she explains, our ligaments and tendons become more lax, our arch height decreases, and the shock absorbing fat that pads our feet thins and atrophies, especially in women.

Whats more, people over 40 will generally gain length over time as well”up to half a shoe size per decade of life.

What to Do Instead: Consider periodic professional measurement, recommends Meszaros. Also, rather than automatically purchasing your go-to number, test out new kicks in-store, and become aware of the variances in size by brand.

Fitting Your Street Shoes the Same as Your Athletic Shoes

Why Its Bad: Athletic shoes shouldnt fit as snugly as street shoes, explains Weisenfeld, because your feet need more wiggle room when engaging in physical activity. Wearing tight-fitting shoes can cause pain and damage your toenails.

What to Do Instead: When it comes to running shoes, Weisenfeld abides by the rule of thumb, which dictates a thumbs width distance between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. If your toes are closer to the edge, try the next size up.

Wearing Flats on a Regular Basis

Why Its Bad: Many women turn to flats as an alternative at work or for a commute on foot, says Meszaros, acknowledging the shoes are lightweight, portable and flexible. But these convenient shoes have little to offer in the way of shock absorption and cause increased pressure on the ball of the foot and heel even with moderate walking. That lack of support can translate into heel pain from repetitive stress, tendonitis from lack of stability, metatarsalgia (forefoot pain) and stress fractures.

What to Do Instead: Although athletic shoes with professional attire are frowned upon from a fashion standpoint, newer options in lightweight sport-style shoes in more desirable colors and patterns may provide increased cushioning and less risk of fatigue related injuries, recommends Meszaros.

Walking Barefoot on Hardwood Floors

Why Its Bad: When treading on hardwood, cement, stone, or ceramic tile, there is really nothing to absorb the shock between you and the ground, explains Sutera. Over time, this behavior can deteriorate your fat pad, which serves as the foots natural cushion. Again, women should be especially cognizant of fat pad atrophy, Sutera explains, as theyre more likely to develop it due to hormone changes.

What to Do Instead: Limit your barefoot time to carpet or cork flooring only, and wear comfortable, supportive footgear when on harder indoor surfaces. Suteras at-home go-to: plush slippers with a cushy arch support.

Wearing Worn-Out Shoes

Why Its Bad: Wearing worn-down footwear that doesnt offer the proper support can hurt not just your feet, but your entire skeleton, reiterates Sutera. When a shoe is old and worn out, it tilts the way that you stand and walk, and can force your foot to land in a way thats unnatural and damaging. Suteras response to patients who are reluctant to retire well-worn, cloyingly comfy footwear: Fast food tastes good, but its not good for you. Your favorite old shoes may be harming your health.

What to Do Instead: Determine your shoe health with the tabletop test, says Sutera. Place your footwear on the table and examine it at eye level. If the heel is noticeably worn down and/or deformed, its time for a new pair.

For more information on foot problems, please contact Advanced Podiatry in Huntington, Manhasset, or Roslyn,NY today! Or visit

podiatrist manhasset

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Can I Play Golf With A Herniated Disc?}

Submitted by: Patrick Foote

Should someone with a diagnosed herniated disc play golf? The short answer: probably not. As with so many medical conditions, however, there is a caveat to that answer. Not all herniated discs produce symptoms, and those that do might not be debilitating. And even though it may seem counter-intuitive, eliminating physical activity is not necessarily a good way to respond to neck or back pain associated with spinal nerve compression. That said, common sense dictates that someone suffering the effects of a degenerative spine condition should think carefully before hitting the links.

Doctor-Patient Communication is Key

Of course, if youve already been diagnosed with a herniated disc, chances are you know that the nerve compression symptoms associated with the condition (pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, spasms) usually can be managed with a regimen of conservative (non-operative) treatment. If youre an avid golfer, theres even a chance you may have asked your doctor to gear your treatment plan toward getting you back on the course as soon as possible. You may have been prescribed a course of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), painkillers, and muscle relaxants, or you may have been sent to a physical therapist to work on improving your body mechanics and posture. Either way, once youve begun your course of treatment, its vital to maintain an open line of communication with your physician. Let him or her know what works and what doesnt, and be sure to report any changes for the better or for the worse in your symptoms.


Ways to Avoid a Herniated Disc

The aging process takes a toll on the intervertebral discs, and over time the discs can dehydrate, become brittle, and lose height. If a discs outer wall becomes torn, the gel-like inner nucleus material can leak into the spinal canal. This is a herniated disc. How does a discs outer wall become torn? It can be a product of everyday wear and tear, but the twisting, turning, and bending associated with sports like golf also can accelerate the process. In order to avoid the onset of a disc herniation, its important for golfers to physically prepare themselves to play. That means proper stretching, a warm-up period on the range, and even focusing on general physical fitness away from the course.

Many golf pros recommend regular trips to the gym to maintain the physical fitness required to enjoy the game for life. Weight training, reps on an elliptical machine, laps in a swimming pool, and time on a treadmill are all good ways to attain peak physical condition. The only caveat? Always consult with a physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.

Fortunately, symptoms from a herniated disc usually subside after a few days or weeks of conservative treatment. However, if chronic symptoms persist after several months of treatment, or if the herniated disc causes a rare emergency situation like cauda equina syndrome, surgery might become an option. Talk to your doctor about your limitations if you are diagnosed with disc herniation, and be sure to research all of your surgical options if conservative treatment proves ineffective.

About the Author: Patrick Foote is the Director of eBusiness at Laser Spine Institute, the leader in endoscopic spine surgery. Laser Spine Institute specializes in safe and effective outpatient procedures for the treatment of

herniated discs

and several other spinal conditions.


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Austin Real Estate Booming It S Way Up

Submitted by: Austinreal Estate

Austin is the city of Texas City, and is also one of the preferred places to people in. Interestingly, it has also got umteen top group who reside in this country. Due to these factors, the Austin true realty has been catching up a big quantify among the realtors. In the gathering 2009, the Austin actual acres has climbed to the status of company iii for the ‘Best Locate to Live’, from the orientation of determine six. It also has other believability termed as the greenest port in America, situated as the 5th unhazardous metropolis, and is also the littlest disagreeable municipality. Here in this article, you can find the tips for buying a realistic acres possession in Austin.

Firstly, you have to keenly research roughly the neighbourhood. Though this is a familiar tip that anyone can tender, it is a thing to do so. You can equal go there and spend some term with the people around, and then decide whether the neighborhood would be o.k. for you. You can also blemish upon the availability of schools, tract, mart stores, hospitals and doctors, can department, gym, constabulary, sports association, and departmental keep. You can alter invoice on the evildoing grade of the port, as device is the front target to be reasoned, especially when you are waving that you should conceive an Austin concrete estate official, which is as burning as object the good neighbourhood. As an medicament, he/she instrument not get a gracious domiciliate but would also ply you the uncomparable accomplishable toll for you. At a separate separate, they gift also helpfulness you in subsiding in the dominion. It is sometimes said that, the Austin concrete estate agents someone sometime embellish the lifelong friends for their customers.


Thirdly, in Austin true acres, it is key that you do not bench for the archetypical e’er shown accommodation to you at a intelligent happening. Sensing at a minimum of cardinal to quintuplet houses before decisive on the shelter. As a important tip, stop the pictures of the domiciliate you are impermanent and ask for the benefits of every home.

Fourthly, it is important that you pay rightly to the Austin true estate bourgeois as bargaining with them for the certification is a bad purpose. A halcyon realistic demesne factor gift service you attaining the individual asylum and aggregation time the grumpy factual land medication would not service you so.

Finally, it is essential to undertake a place investigator piece choosing the Austin existent estate. In the gathering 2009, the Austin actual acres has climbed to the status of company iii for the ‘Best Locate to Live’, from the orientation of determine six. It also has other believability termed as the greenest port in America, situated as the 5th unhazardous metropolis, and is also the littlest disagreeable municipality. Here in this article, you can find the tips for buying a realistic acres possession in Austin. As an medicament, he/she instrument not get a gracious domiciliate but would also ply you the uncomparable accomplishable toll for you. At a separate separate, they gift also helpfulness you in subsiding in the dominion. It is sometimes said that, the Austin concrete estate agents someone sometime embellish the lifelong friends for their customers.

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How To Increase Sexual Stamina For Older Men}

Submitted by: Chris Chew

Older men usually lament,”How can I have sex as often as I used to have when I was a 20 year old?” This is a very common question on male sexuality. The question to ask should be “How often did you have sex when you were in your 20s?”

You see, mail sexual stamina, skills and capacities differ greatly from one man to another. However, let’s just assume that you had some pretty good sexual stamina when you were in your 20s. Then the next question would be what kind of physical shape are you in now as compared to when you were full of sexual stamina decades ago?

This is because making is an aerobic activity and for most men in their 40s and beyond, they aren’t nearly as fit and active as they used to be and this state of physical fitness do have a large implication on your sexual performances.

Ok, let’s be realistic guys. If you are in your late thirties and beyond, your heart thumps like a jackhammer when climbing up a flight of stairs, then that is definitely going to affect your sexual prowess.

Even putting your low physical fitness level aside, there is another very serious reason why some older men can’t make love as long and as often as they used to do. The reason is lack of sexual arousal.

It is a fact that many older men, being able to continuously have sex like they did when they were much younger has a lot to do with how strong a level of arousal they can keep and maintain. As a general rule of the thumb, although not exclusively, older men, especially those men who are very well seasoned sexually need to have more sexual stimulation to achieve the same level of physical arousal they had in their early twenties, even though the desire to have frequent sex is still there.

So one of the first keys to have more sexual stamina is to make sure that you are in a good physical shape and that your sex partner knows how to keep you physically aroused and not just emotionally charged up.

Therefore the best suggestion here is to start an exercise program to improve your physical health and stamina. If you are overweight, then start to losing weight as obesity is also a major cause for poor sexual stamina and erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, a good physical workout also increases your natural production of the hormone called testosterone which is also the hormone that is largely responsible for getting your penis hard and giving you better sexual stamina.

You see, every man has a certain level of physical arousal at which they function at their best sexually. That level of arousal is unique to each and every male and to each particular sexual activity. As mentioned earlier, having great sex is a very physical activity, but due to various reasons, usually socialization issues, erroneous beliefs, bad mental programing etc., most men come into a sexual encounter way too high on the arousal scale for their own good. Can you guess what some of the symptoms of hyper arousal in a sexual context are? Yup. Erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation.

So what can you do to improve and even increase your sexual stamina? Well, the first thing is to see your doctor to rule out anything dire that is wrong with your penis and sexual organ. Your doctor will also have to assess whether your impotency or sexual dysfunction is due to blood circulation problems like high blood pressure.

After having your medical checks done, then determine whether you are in a poor physical fitness state. If you are, go get some form of cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis that is enjoyable for you. Then while you are building up and increasing your sexual stamina, go and have sex a lot. You can do that with natural male sexual penis enhacement pills that are made from natural herbs and thus are safe and do not require a doctor’s prescription to give you a gigantic boost to your sexual stamina.

Have fun, enjoy your new found sexual stamina. Way to go, Tiger.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at

Testosterone Increase Male Libido


How To Have Alpha Male Sex Appeal


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Airport Limousines Transportation Services

Submitted by: Brandon Cobb

We get the word limousine from the Limousin region of France, where the cloth-covered compartments on the transport carriages used there centuries ago resembled the cloaks of the shepherds of that region.

You will also hear limousines referred to as liveried transportation, a tradition that goes all the way back to the fourteenth century when horse-drawn carriages were driven by uniformed coachmen. The term livery identified, then and now, the uniform of a person who performs a service but is not in the employ of the government.

When the automobile industry was still in its infancy, men of power and wealth hired others to drive them around in fancy vehicles. The earliest limos seated the driver alone and exposed in a front compartment, protected only by an awning. The lucky people inside-and only the rich could afford such luxurious transport–enjoyed their rides, in privacy and elegance, completely separated from the driver. There are several companies, like Cullitons Limousines in Toronto, which provide colorful detail on their websites about lengthy family traditions of liveried service.


Today’s limousine drivers are still liveried, and they remain separated from the passengers. When you rent a limousine, your chauffeur escorts you into your vehicle and, once he has entered the driver’s seat, you communicate with him through a door that slides open and shut or through an intercom system. Being escorted from your vehicle by your chauffeur lends an aura of privilege and excitement to your event.

Among the most popular limousines are the Lincoln sedans. The Lincoln has always represented a measure of success, and it offers the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. The Town Car is one of the most traditional limousines, designed to serve a small party of two to four passengers. Quality business-class limousines come equipped with necessities such as cell phones and ATM machines, and thoughtful drivers will provide the daily newspaper.

Many business people frankly require the convenience of limousine travel. First of all, it provides relief for the traveler who has debarked from an uncomfortable plane or train ride. And second, the padded seating and tinted windows provide such roominess and privacy that businessmen can conduct complicated meetings while the chauffeur drives them to their ultimate destination.

Lincolns are also used for the wonderful stretch vehicles that compel people everywhere to stop and stare. The seats are generally angled along the length or back of the vehicle so that passengers can face one another easily. There is easy access to whatever amenities you have arranged for your ride-imagine iced beverages or chocolates within easy reach, luxurious leather upholstery, integrated sound systems, and plasma screen televisions.

It’s not too difficult to imagine a day or night of fun-filled partying in one of these. You and your friends travel from one place to another totally relieved of the responsibilities of traffic. Whether you are embarking on a tour of the wine country or club-hopping for a bachelorette party, you can enjoy adult beverages without worry or guilt.

If a group of friends is driving into the city to attend a play or concert, it makes sense to book something like an SUV limousine-usually these are Cadillac or Suburban models. Two or more people can fit very comfortably abreast in each of three rows. You can travel the distance and share transportation costs, and with a hired driver you do not have to worry about traffic and parking at your destination.

It’s wise to rent your limousine from a company that employs full-time chauffeurs rather than part-time drivers. Chauffeurs who make a commitment to their profession know how to handle any emergency that arises, and they understand fully how to plan for a traffic jam or locate an out-of-the-way venue. Costs depend upon the type of limousine and the number of hours its use is required. Per-hour charges can range from $50 to $120 per hour-well spent for a ride that will take the work and worry out of your day.

About the Author: Website promotion with quality articles on relevant topics to ensure websites maintain a solid web presence online.Visit

for affordable limo services.


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How To Overcome Marketing Challenges For The Real Estate Agent And Investor}

How To Overcome Marketing challenges For The Real Estate Agent And Investor


Roberto Bell

Becoming successful marketer is not an easy job, specially if you are new to the game. You will face many challenges until you find the right marketing formula that works best for you.

In marketing, you will face many hurdles and you will run campaigns that pull disappointing response if any at all. When that happens, and it will, you should evaluate the three cornerstones of marketing and adjust your next campaign accordingly.

Let us look at some common challenges Agents and Investors face.

“I do not know where to start”

This is probably the most common challenge Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Realtors face. It is not isolated to the Real Estate Industry, every business in every industry has the same challenge.

You should start by deciding who are you going to target. This is the most important piece of information you need, without it the campaign will fail.

It is obvious that we are looking for either buyers or sellers. Lets take the sellers as an example. You will minimize your marketing costs if you know who wants to sell and you only market to them.

Here are some lists you can target:


Expired Listings: The challenge with expired listings is to find out what was the problem and why it did not sell, then solve that problem.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Majority of FSBOs end up getting listed. You need to establish yourself with them early in the game and stay in contact with them till the house sells, or they list it.

For Rent By Owner (FRBO): There are many who think they can make money by renting their house, or because their listing expired and they are trying to avoid making second mortgage payment. If the house does not rent, they might be motivated to sell.

Notice of Default (NOD): Also known as Preforeclosure. It is a list of people who have received a notice of pending foreclosure and they need to bring the balance current, give the house back to the bank, or sell.

Another form of marketing is by doing a campaign based on georaphic location. This is known as the shotgun approach where you pick a geographic location and market to it. To maximize your marketing, you need to set specific parameters. House Size, House Price Range, Location, Years Living In The House.

Pick one or more of the above, and market to them. But you have to be patient and consistent to see the results.

“I do not know what to say in my sales letter”

Once you decide on one or more marketing lists, you need to design a marketing message specific to each list. If you are not used to writing sales letters, it might be a little intimidating at first, but it is not difficult to overcome.

One quick way to write a good sales letter, is to start by writing down what a prospect from each of this list is looking for service wise, what might they be concerned about, and why should they do business with you.Then for each item you list, write your answer to each of these points.

Make sure to highlight the benefits of working with you. They should feel that you are the solution they are looking for so compelled to contact you immediately.

Revise it over and over until you have a sales letter. Then move to the second and third and so on.

“I am afraid to spend all my money and not get a deal”

The only way to overcome monetary concerns is to budget and work within this budget. Do controlled tests and watch the response. Once you have a monthly budget, work backward to establish how many mailing pieces you can mail a month.

The key is to test a message or marketing campaign though. The more targeted you get, and the better the sales letter gets, the higher the response will be. And it goes without saying, the more you mail, the higher the chances of a response.

There is no guarantee that you will get a return on every mail you send. It is numbers game. As you get more experienced and start noticing patterns in response, you will feel much better about mailing and will know how to do very successful campaigns and predict the response.

A general rule of thumb, and this highly depends on who you target, how convincing you are, and how you target them, you should estimate between 0.5% to 3% response rate. If your responses are not within this range, then you need to tweak your campaign.

“I do not know what to send them”

What you send them will highly depend on your marketing budget and how organized you are.

The quickest upfront setup would be to send out letters and use mail merge to personalize the letters. You can do it on demand from home. The challenge with using letters is the time it takes to stuff envelopes and address them.

You could do it yourself, or if you are too busy making deals, hire someone to do it. If you hire someone, pay them per envelope and not per hour. However, you should start by doing it yourself to know what is involved and to save money.

Another effective alternative is to use post cards. You should design a good post card that adheres to the same concepts you use in your sales letters. Dont just make the post card and over sized business card with nifty graphics of a house Prospects are not interested in pretty pictures, they want to sell!

If you have some graphics experience, you can design your own or hire someone to design them for you. I like to design my own post cards because I can constantly tweak them. I use photoshop to do so, but that is a personal preference.

Usually companies online are cheaper than local print shops. They also have templates you can use. If you go this route, order a small amount. Do not go with the large quantity for the discount per postcard before you test the response.

Fadi Zeidan is an active Real Estate Agent and Investor. Besides providing monthly training to new Investors and Realtor, he maintains a successful Marketing blog on his website

. Fadi Zeidan brings in his Marketing knowledge from various industries to the Real Estate arena to help Agents and Investors formulate successful campaigns.

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