Why Do Schools Require Sports Physicals In Starkville, Ms?

November 20th, 2018 by 6FjUhLbu

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byAlma Abell

Once your child reaches the age of participating in team sports at school on any type of competitive level you will usually be told that your child needs to have yearly sports physicals in Starkville, MS. This is standard practice across the United States and, if the school doesn’t require it or your child is playing something outside of school, parents can request one on their own.

The Paperwork for Sports Physicals in Starkville, MS

When it comes to sports physicals in Starkville, MS there is a standard format or form that the school will require the doctor use to complete the exam. There will be questions about the medical history, which will include questions about family medical issues.

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Usually this document is sent home with the child prior to sports physicals in Starkville, MS. The parents can then review their records and complete the medical history that is then brought to the actual appointment. It is essential to complete this form accurately as this history will alert the doctor if there are any potential areas of concern.

Physical Examination

Depending on the school or team the parents may be required to take the child to the doctor for sports physicals in Starkville, MS or the doctor may come to the school or team location.

The physical is very simple and basic and includes taking body measurements, recording heart rate and blood pressure, and checking all major joints, body systems and overall health and fitness.

The Importance of the Sports Physical

The doctors in sports physicals in Starkville, MS are attempting to screen for any physical issues that may pose a health risk or a danger to that child in participating in the sport. This is both to protect the child and also for liability purposes for the school or organization that is promoting the team activity.

In some cases health issues may be discovered during sports physicals in Starkville, MS that will not impact a child’s ability to play. In these cases the doctors will talk to the parents about their findings, typically referring the child to their own pediatrician or primary care doctor for further treatment if necessary.

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