Understanding The Boho Style: The Aesthetic Of Freedom And Individuality

Understanding The Boho Style: The Aesthetic Of Freedom And Individuality

The Boho (Bohemian) style is more than just a fashion trend – it is an expression, an artsy aesthetic style that has become a significant part of global fashion culture. Tracing its roots from the ancient Bohemia in the European region, this style is known for its unique combination of vibrant colors, layered outfits, free-flowing designs, chic accessories, and a general sense of artistic, carefree spirit.

An Overview of Boho Style

‘Boho’ coming from the French word ‘Bohémien’ refers to the unconventional lifestyle of 19th-century artists, intellectuals, writers, and musicians who were situated in the Bohemian part of Europe. The term later evolved to refer to the fashion style that embodies the lifestyle and values of these bohemians. This boho style is distinguished by the notion of nontraditional, artistic style encompassing loose silhouettes, unusual prints, contrasting patterns, and bold, vibrant colors. The ultimate emphasis is on individual expression, free spirit, and cultural amalgamation.

The White Bohemian

White Bohemian, a distinct form of the broader boho style, has gained considerable traction in recent years. It articulates the original elements of boho style but gives them a modern, monochromatic twist. Drawing from their boho roots, white bohemians extensively incorporate natural, earthy elements. The color white, signifies purity, tranquility, and simplicity, is used as the primary shade in clothing, accessories, and even home decor. Be it a white, embroided kaftan, a delicate lace dress, or simply a pair of white-washed denim; white bohemians use this understated color to make a major fashion statement.

The characteristic that defines white bohemian style, even more, is its affinity for minimalist details and earthy undertones. Fringes, lace, crochet detailing, and navigation-inspired shapes and symbols are evident. Ensuring that the style retains its traditional roots, many opt to enhance their look with ancient symbols and signs, reminiscent of Viking and Gypsy art.

Boho Style Accessories

Accessories make an integral part of the boho style. A wave of boho-chic has unveiled an array of accessories that embody the spirit of this trend. From oversized beaded jewelry, feathered earrings, ethnic print scarves, leather bags to wide-brimmed hats, Bohemian jewelry is typically inspired by nature, with elements such as shells, feathers, and stones. The overall look is amplified by layering several pieces together, creating an eclectic mix that all screams of individuality.

Incorporating Boho Style

Adopting the boho style into your everyday look doesn’t necessarily require an entire wardrobe overhaul. Begin with loose, flowy garments like maxi skirts or peasant tops. Vintage clothing and accessories can add to the boho flavor. As mentioned, layering is crucial, so don’t shy away from overlapping different garments and accessories. Combine different textures and prints, maintaining a balance so you don’t overwhelm your look. Consider opting for White Bohemian style for a more minimalist approach.

On the home decor front, boho style emphasises a mix of bright colours, intricate patterns and nature-inspired pieces. Think patterned pillows, macrame wall hangings, and lush green plants for a boho-style living space.


In essence, boho style is about artistic expression and breaking free from mainstream fashion norms. Whether you prefer the unaffected charm of the classic boho chic or resonate with the minimalist aesthetics of the White Bohemian, this style is meant for those embracing a free-spirited and creative lifestyle. The beauty of Boho style lies not just in its visual charm but its ability to resonate with individuality, freedom and artistic expression.