Holiday Homes In The Greek Islands

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Holiday Homes In The Greek Islands by Steve WoodwardRenting one of the various different types of holiday villas in Greek Islands will offer you the chance to explore some really amazing and beautiful country. But when it comes to getting to your holiday destination, you have a number of choices to make upon arrival in Greece. You could if you wanted to fly but a great many tourists prefer to take the more scenic route and travel by boat to the Island on which they will be staying during their vacation.Of all the ways of getting to your holiday destination this is the least expensive, but although, there are lots of services available the Greeks have some difficulty in keeping to their schedules. It is a good idea therefore when travelling to your holiday destination by this form of transport you arrive at the port from which you will be leaving in plenty of time. Also, when you arrive it is vital that you board the ferry or hydrofoil as soon as possible as they rarely wait around.If you have not pre-booked your tickets then when you reach the port, the first you will notice is that all ferries and hydrofoils have signs on them at the rear (stern). These clearly show where the boat is destined for and what time they are due to leave at. Also, a good way of telling when a boat is just about to depart is by the amount of activity that is happening around it.When you have located the boat that will take you to the Island where you will be staying, you can go up to the booth in front of it and purchase a ticket. If you are travelling with children, it is important to note that those aged six or under travel for free whilst children up to the age of 10 will only be charged have the price of an adult ticket.For those that will be travelling to the Islands of Rhodes, Crete or Lesvos on one of the slower boats they should book a cabin. This is because the journey itself takes between ten and fifteen hours to complete so you will need somewhere to be able relax and get a few hours sleep. You have the choice between booking either a first, second or deck cabin for your journey and ideally, this should be booked well in advance of your trip.Although first class cabins are more expensive (about the same price you would pay to fly), the time you spend on board may actually be more fun and relaxing. Plus in addition, you have a better quality of service when on board including a private dining room for those who have paid the money to travel first class.If however the thought of spending so much time on a boat is not your idea of fun then why not get a ticket on the hydrofoils or high-speed catamarans instead. Although these reach their destinations much more quickly they do not offer the same levels of comfort and plus you may actually miss some really beautiful scenery as they speed across the water.Yes, you can fly on from mainland Greece to your Greek Island destination, but if you really want to get your holiday off in the right frame, then taking a boat is perfect. Soon you will find yourself luxuriating by the side of your holiday villas in Greek Islands swimming pool, or enjoying a taste of what the island has to offer.There are a range of holiday villas in the Greek Islands available to rent straight from the owner which is better than using a travel company. If Greece isn’t for you, there are holiday villas in other locations to pick from. Article Source:

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