What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?

What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?

What Exactly Is Rhinoplasty?


Theodore Diktaban

Rhinoplasty (usually referred to as a \”nose job) could be a top choice of patients having plastic surgery in New York City.

This is probably due to the variety of shapes and sizes noses come in. You could have a large nose, tiny nose, hooked nose, upturned nose the chances are endless. So it\’s no doubt so many individuals like the concept of molding their nose to a look they like the best.

Dr. Diktaban, hailed in New York as \”the nose job expert,\” understands the process better than the almost any plastic surgeon. Did you know since there are a lot of details to a good rhinoplasty, several plastic surgeons consider it their least preferred procedure? Dr. Diktaban, on the other hand, considers it one of his favorites and has received spectacular feedback time and time again from patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Let\’s talk a bit about the procedure.

Rhinoplasty for Teens


Thanks to networks like MTV, nose related plastic surgery in Long Island is broadly regarded as a \”teen surgery.\”

It\’s true many teens dislike the way their noses look and would like to alter them.

At Dr. Diktaban\’s office, we acknowledge a few data. Mainly, the teenage nose has a \”development\” stage. While that developmental stage ends, the shape of the nose continues to grow and change. Therefore, surgery before this point is not suggested, since the modifications made in surgery may be altered during additional growth. On top of this, you never know how your nose would turn out after the growth period, therefore if you\’re sad with the look now, it\’s worth it to delay it out.

So when does the development stage finish? So, for girls, it ends somewhere around the ages of 13-14. For boys, it\’s later at around sixteen-seventeen years old. After these crucial years, you can be fairly confident the shape of your nose could stay reliable for the rest of your life. At this point, if you\’d still like plastic surgery in New York City Dr. Diktaban may perform rhinoplasty and offer you the nose you\’ve always wanted.

Rhinoplasty for Adults

Now, simply because the surgery\’s been hailed as a \”teen surgery\” doesn\’t indicate it\’s inappropriate for adults. Far from it! Several adults are unhappy with the way their noses look, therefore looking into a nose linked surgery is certainly acceptable. In several cases, it\’s even better for adults to get the surgery than teens. Adults have a better and more reliable idea on how they\’d prefer their face to look. Therefore, any changes made throughout surgery have a good probability of continuing to seem great years after the process is finished.

Note – this is not to say the look of your nose would transform after the surgery few patients\’ perceptions change after surgery. In several cases, it happens with those who get the surgery at a younger age.

With this sort of surgery, it\’s important you get it made right the first time. That\’s why you must go with the doctor who\’s not just experienced in the procedure, but truly enjoys it also! In fact, will you really want a doctor operating on you who\’s just going through the motions since it\’s a process they\’d wish to avoid?

We didn\’t think so!

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a board certified plastic surgeon and certified otolaryngologist, has worked for years pioneering methods of minimally invasive liposuction. In around 30 years of practice he has performed a lot more than 20,000 surgical procedures and brings in an expertise to each patient\’s care not accessible in many practices.

He carries out low-fat injection body sculpting at his offices in New York City for patients from around the tri-state area as well and nations throughout the world. Get in touch with him at


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