Amazing Key West Tours

Amazing Key West Tours

By Christopher Granger

The exciting things that you will have to do in Key West will seem endless when you are there. From shipwreck dive sites to laying on the beach, Key West has a lot to offer. While you are vacationing in this area, you will find many Key West tours that you can take part in.

Jet Ski Island Tour – For those of you that are looking for an aquatic adventure during your stay, the Jet Ski Island Tour is good news. During your guided tour, you will go twenty six miles around the coastline of this area. You can choose to go at a slow pace and enjoy the sights or you could cruise the waters quickly – the choice is all yours. During this tour, they will make numerous stops where you can enjoy the sandy white beaches. Don’t worry, because you will not be inactive for long. The stops will, however, give you some time to appreciate the landscape in the area. The guide will give you a lot of information about the indigenous plants and animal life in the area. If you love nature, then you will be amazed over the biodiversity of Key West.


Ultimate Adventure Tour – The Ultimate Adventure Tour offers plenty of outdoor and water sports activities. If you love water sports, then this tour is for you. If you have children, there are numerous kid-friendly activities that they can take part on during this tour. Enjoying these activities together, with your children, is the ultimate way to bond. The staff will provide all of the safety gear, equipment, supervision and instruction that is needed throughout the day.

Back Country Safari is another interesting tour. On this tour, you will make your way through turquoise waters abroad a Nineteenth Century skipjack. This Nineteenth Century Skipjack was originally used to harvest oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. Later, it was used in the Florida Keys as a fishing vessel. During this adventure, you will get to snorkel. The knowledgeable guides will choose the ultimate snorkel places according to the weather, wind and current conditions during that day. They will pick the calmest spots that have the best clarity and are easy to swim in. They will supply you with all of the snorkelling gear, including wetsuits and masks during the winter. This is a combination tour that will also include kayaking in the Mangrove Islands. If you do not have any experience kayaking or snorkelling, don’t worry, because the guides will give you proper guidance during this excursion.

In addition to all of the activities and tours, at the end of the day, you cannot forget about the lovely world-class restaurants that are spread throughout the area. Along with world-class restaurants, you will also have classy lounges, historic streets and local bar dives. For those of you that are interested in these type of tours, there is a site you can turn to where there are major discounts – you do not have to pay the full price.

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