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Automobile Batteries And Lin Mar Towing

Automobile Batteries and Lin-Mar Towing



Knowing about your automobile s battery could help you avoid the awful experience of getting nothing but clicking sounds when you go to start your car. Lin-Mar Towing offers auto towing, Niles, and general information about batteries. A new automobile battery will most likely last around three years but can still be dependable for up to five or more years. There are different factors that affect the life of a battery, and one of them is driving habits. For a battery to be sufficiently recharged by the alternator, the car needs to have an average run time of at least 20 minutes. Frequent starting cycles coupled with short driving time will leave your battery below the ideal charge specifications and result in a prematurely dead battery that must be replaced. Extreme temperatures are another cause for low battery life. Outside temperatures affect the chemical reactions in a battery, and that s why a lot of batteries are insulated. Note that a mistake frequently made by mechanics and do-it-yourselfers is throwing away the insulated battery case when replacing a battery. So be sure and reinstall the insulated case along with the replacement battery. A tip for extending the life of your battery is to spray your corrosion-free battery every six months with terminal protector spray. The spray will greatly reduce the amount of corrosion that can build up on the battery. Corrosion interferes with proper recharging of the battery. Lin-Mar Towing has been serving the community since 1958 and offers auto repair, Niles.

It started out with one tow truck and now has over 25 pieces of equipment. Light-duty towing is one of the many services available from Lin-Mar Towing. A wide variety of flatbed tow trucks are in operation every day, providing damage-free towing. Lin-Mar will go to wherever your car is, whether it s at your home, in a low-clearance parking garage, or in the snow. The medium-duty wreckers at Lin-Mar are capable of safely towing shuttle buses, vans, utility trucks, ambulances, and many more types of vehicles. These tow trucks are all equipped with wheel lifts and ensure damage-free towing. Driveshaft removal is included, to protect the driveline on your truck while it s in tow. Lin-Mar operates one of the largest heavy duty fleets in the Chicago area. Lin-Mar Towing can move semi trucks, trailers, fire trucks, construction equipment, and more. They will get to you quickly and provide damage-free towing. Look no further than Lin-Mar for big rig towing, Skokie. Lin-Mar also has a fleet of lowboy trailers and can transport anything you need, from forklifts to generators to construction equipment and more. They ll transport your equipment anywhere in the continental U.S. All tow truck operators at Lin-Mar Towing are trained and certified. Whether you need heavy duty towing, Skokie, or whatever towing needs you have, call Lin-Mar.


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