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Your Rental Property Facelift Guide

Submitted by: Rhonda Hoffman

If you own an average home in Edmonton, Alberta you made $161 yesterday and will do so again today. That is the increase in the real estate market at present. Knowing this should help you understand that real estate investing in Canada is a smart thing to do.

Buying and selling property doesn’t need to be an intimidating proposition when you look at the fundamentals of the market and keep them in mind when looking to own land. We invest in mutual funds and are grateful for the interest even when it is less than one percent because at least this year we didn’t lose any of it. Alternatively, we look at the crazy increase that is available when we own land whether we are buying it or selling it, because of it’s inherent value.

The vacancy rate in Edmonton is less than one percent and Red Deer has a zero vacancy rate right now. When you own property you are able to help those looking for housing and feel good about your investment increase at the same time. While raw land may not have the same value as property with a home on it, it is still worth taking a look at for the money you have to invest. The buying market is tight but there are still some good deals to be found by those selling you just may have to look a little harder.


Ultimately real estate is a great vehicle to invest your money in right now as buying property is the surest way to see a positive return with Alberta being the second best place in the world for buying land. Vacancy rates are low and employment rates are high which means the money you invest in property is making money for you. Buying for rental income is a great way to go and your investment can be enhanced with a few small tips.

Okay so you love shag carpet and lava lamps. That is not to say your renters will when they come to take a look at your revenue property. It s important to keep in mind that while your tastes may be, shall we say timeless, you have to make your property welcoming. Please do us all a favorite and stay away from renter beige but give it a warm color that is still in the neutrals so that it can match almost any furniture they bring with them. New paint and carpet or sometimes just a good cleaning of the flooring is the least expensive and most dramatic way to increase the perceived value of your rental property. If that value is perceived to be higher the amount you can charge for rent goes up as well. Aside from new paint and a neutral carpet you can look at new lighting, which can be inexpensive and make a big difference.

The first touch your potential renter has with the property is the front door. Is the lock broken or loose? Is the door warped or worn? A new door with a decorative window will give them the feeling of safety and security and will provide a great return on your investment. Be sure the house numbers are large, visible from the street and well lit.

Once inside the property look around with fresh eyes as if seeing it for the first time. Perhaps the avocado green stove and the harvest gold fridge could use some updating as well. While you don t have to go for the top of the line appliances, do be sure that they match and will work well for a long time. You can t go wrong with choosing white for these, as it is a crisp, clean color. Another option if you have a few suites in one building is to install a coin operated washer and dryer. If you share the revenue with the laundry company you may be able to side step the repair and maintenance woes as that company could be in charge of them. New appliances can increase your monthly rental charge (perceived value again) and reduce the time and effort spent on the not so reliable older machines.

While you want to provide a great home for your renters you must also keep in mind that this is a business and keeping your eye on the bottom line is essential. It often doesn t take much to be able to accomplish both.

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Does Your Home Need A Facelift?

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Does Your Home Need a Facelift?


Todd Jordan

Is it time for your home to undergo some improvements? It\’s that time of year again when you all of a sudden realise your home needs a facelift? You can see it\’s looking a little dull and tired because nothing has been updated in years, but you\’re a little over-whelmed because you just don\’t know where to start…

Home Improvement, where to start…

Most people associate home improvement with the inside of their house when, in fact, it doesn\’t necessarily always have to start with the interior of the home. If you think about it, the first impression people have of you when they come to your home is your front yard. The outside, the garden, the finishing\’s, the roof, the fencing, the list goes on.

The outside of your home symbolizes the family that resides in it.


Many people overlook the importance of their roof, it is actually one of the most important aspects of your home because it keeps you and your family protected. With no roof you have no home.

In fact the roof of a house is 50% of the total exterior portion. Yet so many household owners let the roof of their home become worn out, old and unsafe.

Knowing all of this, you can see why it is so important for you to address roof problems as soon as you notice them. Roof restoration, roof replacement, or new gutter installation are all options that you have at your disposal, that will ensure the longevity and appearance of your home, and won\’t break the bank.

What\’s in a new roof…

When you install a new roof you get more than just roof replacement. Re-roofing also includes gutter replacement along with downpipes as well. Bad weather puts a lot of strain on your roofing and guttering hence why they do need to be replaced, in addition to the safety and home insurance aspects your home gets a fresh new look.

Not matter if you own your home or own a factory they all have roofs and at some point in time will need to be replaced. The big question who do you know and trust that will provide the best roofing to protect your home and family.

With so many roofing companies Melbourne-wide that offer the following services Iron Roofing, Guttering replacement, Roof replacements it becomes quite a task to choose the most effective roofing company for your roofing solutions.

To identify the most professional quality roofing service in Melbourne, it is best that as a home owner you undertake thorough research of a couple of different roofing companies and see what they in terms of product designs, services and prices.

Make sure you choose wisely as your roofing and guttering replacement should be done once and last many years.

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