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Common Symptoms In Schizophrenia Patient

Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disease. This disease can completely change the life of the patient if not treated well. Peoples with this disease can completely lose the touch with the real world. The suicide and violence rate in schizophrenic patients is very high. Early treatment can help in the recovery of the patient.

Following symptoms can be found in schizophrenic patients.


.The patient will hear voices in his mind. He will start talking with himself just like he is talking with someone.

.Patient will tell his guardian that someone is ordering him.

.Patient may report seeing something unusual like that is not possible in the real world.

.The patient will feel an unusual type of taste, smell.

.Will believe someone special is in touch with him.

.Mayreport someone is giving him a message through Tv or phone.

.The patient will tell someone is after him for something or he is being followed.

.Schizophrenic may consider his thoughts are being controlled. Someone can know what he is thinking and he can transfer his thoughts to another person.

.Will believe, through his thoughts he can control the peoples or world.

.Maybelieve himself a special person or a messenger of God.

.Patient may strictly believe in false beliefs.

.The patient may start smiling or crying without any reason

.Schizophrenictake high stress and tension on tiny matters.

.A patient talking and thinking behavior will change. He will talk and think differently. When he will talk about something then abruptly he will change the topic and will mix his speech with different topics. Like this patient who was observed by Nancy C. Andreasen “The next day when I’d be going out you know, I took control, like uh, I put bleach on my hair in California.”

.The patient will ignore peoples. His social activities will decrease and he will like solitary. He will spend most of his time at home and will avoid going out to meet peoples.

.The patient will become emotionless. He may not react to the circumstance that can evoke emotions in others.

.The patient’s thinking capability will decrease and he will not be able to deliver the right answer.

.The patients will become depressed and their ability to feel pleasure will decrease.

.Patient will get sleep problemslike severe insomnia.


Genetics, environment, substance use is mostly considered a risk factor but precise causes are not clear. If a family has schizophrenic patients then in this family newborns are at risk of developing this disease. Malnutrition or infection during pregnancy can also become a cause. Stress can also play a role in developing this disease. Cannabis use can become a contributing factor in developing schizophrenia.


Antipsychotics medicines are used to treat these patients. These medicines have disturbing side effects. Like blood pressure and diabetes patients schizophrenic patients are required to take these medicines for remaining life but the American Psychiatric Association(APA),advises doctors to stop recommending antipsychotics to those patients who have no symptoms for the last one or two years. Most schizophrenic patients start living a normal life with good treatment. Some of them also recover completely. These patients also required good social support to recover.

What Kind Of Cerebral Palsy Treatment Is Available?

Cerebral palsy is an incurable disorder, so there is no way to completely treat it. But there are many cerebral palsy treatments that will help to reduce the effects of the disease. Each case is of course different and will require different types of treatment for their cerebral palsy type. Usually getting various types of cerebral palsy treatments will offer the best effects.

Lets take a look at some of the different types of cerebral palsy treatments that are available. Most of the cerebral palsy treatments are determined by a team of doctors that will evaluate the patient. This team of doctors will be orthopedist, psychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language therapist and a social worker. The course of treatment will be based on the personal needs of the cerebral palsy patient.

Drug therapy is administered by your doctor and this will use a combination of different medications that will be determined based on various test that the doctor performs. This type of cerebral palsy treatment is used to control seizures and may even stop them all together.

Another type of cerebral palsy treatment is behavioral therapy. This type of treatment will help to improve physical, mental and communicative skills, it will involve different types of activities that are determined based on the disability of the cerebral palsy patient.

Physical therapy is the most common form of treatment and it helps to prevent further deterioration of the muscle tissue. This type of deterioration occurs from not using your muscles often. Physical therapy will help to prevent the need of having surgery to correct the muscles.

One of the newest types of cerebral palsy treatment is botox injections. It actually helps to relieve symptoms of the disease because it will relax the muscles and prevent them from locking up, and will also relieve muscle spasms that many cerebral palsy patients deal with.

Its important that you select the correct cerebral palsy treatment for the type of cerebral palsy that you are suffering from. The internet can also help you find new types of treatments that other patients are currently receiving and you can then talk to your doctor about the treatment to see what he or she has to say about it. I dont suggest that you take any type of treatment without consulting your doctor first you can create more problems then its worth.