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Increase Your Blog Revenue By 300% Without Writing A Single Word!

Submitted by: David Gates

We’ve all struggled to maintain a blog. There’s going through the comment section to see if someone has posted spam, keeping up with the latest news and updates about the most innovative products, brain storming on ideas on how to write our posts. If you have adsense on your blog you know the amounts of pays per click aren’t very good even if they are were can you get your traffic from with the saturated market?

Basically you have to worry about SEO practices, spam, revenue and most importantly content. These four things are vital to your blog moving up the search engine ranks and for the revenue you’ll gain on the site.

Well worry no more because I’m about to solve all your problems by suggesting one little method that will make your website gain more traffic, more content and thus more money that you can ever have. This method is known as auto-blogging. Yes that’s right auto-blogging.

Basically what auto-blogging does is post content from press releases then post them up onto your blog while citing the source of the information. This means that depending on what specific target niche your website is writing for you can have the software specify what information should be put up to please your audience.


A flood of traffic will then be guaranteed to come! Search engines will recognize that your blog is posting the latest information while the amount of visits that will come increases exponentially since your blog is becoming more and more relevant! You can leave the thing on autopilot for weeks and it’ll still be pumping out new content!

The only thing that leaves you with in the end is really checking the site for any spam that people might be posting but besides that all the work is done by the auto-blogging software.

You might still be asking yourself, well it makes articles come out but how does that raise the amount of money I get? Good question, the application of auto-blogging is important too which is why you should always follow these steps.

1st – Target a niche. For example people interested in Apple products.

2nd – Make the software post on Apple products and let it update at least twice a day and at most three times.

3rd – That’s it!

Now with those two steps followed your practically having your blog post material all about Apple products. This means if someone Googles “Apple Macbook Pro” your auto-blog is eligible to be on the first page since it should have already posted news on this product!

Again search engine optimizations are taken care of and the content posted! There’s no catch to the method all you really have to do is apply the method correctly and you’ll be making hundreds if not thousands of dollars a week!

The only thing you do have to purchase an auto-blogging software. This kind of software can run you up to only $75, a worthy investment to end worrying about content, search engine optimization and to increase your sites revenue by 3 folds! I highly recommend this method to veteran and newbie marketer alike!

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