Commercial Bathroom Accessories For Factory Restroom Design

Commercial Bathroom Accessories For Factory Restroom Design

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By Patricia Holland

XPB Locker offers a comprehensive inventory of commercial bathroom accessories. These accessories accommodate the full range of factory bathroom designs that range from the small to large, and from the production floor to the executive offices at the front of the building. Our intent is to make certain that every amenity lies within reach of the user without excessive space being wasted or excessive cleaning time being consumed.

A good example of this is the practicality of installing something simple like a facial tissue dispenser. Facial tissues are something everyone needs. However, they are some of the most overlooked commercial bathroom accessories in factory restroom design. This should not be the case, because when workers have colds or allergies, they inevitably substitute paper towels or toilet paper and drive up replacement costs for these items.

Other very important commercial bathroom accessories are those that are intended to provide multiple amenities to employees without consuming any more wall space than is absolutely necessary. Multipurpose dispensers should be used in factory restroom design as much as possible in the interest of saving wall space. There are all kinds of units available to accommodate your particular factory design, regardless of how small or large, common or unique it may be.


For example, there are multi-purpose dispensers that you can install near any sink that provide users with soap, paper towels, and a trash disposal unit all in one. Other multi-purpose dispensers go on the inside of partition walls. You can find units here that provide users with toilet paper and toilet seat covers. The same units in women’s restrooms can also be special ordered with napkin disposal section.

Speaking of this, napkin dispensers are recommended for every woman’s restrooms. Women who work on assembly lines often have only 30 minute lunch breaks. This is not enough time to go to the store to buy necessities. Including these conscientious, but often overlooked, commercial bathroom accessories, will show respect to all members of the work crew, improve moral, and safeguard production time.

We also recommend medicine cabinets are recommended for basic first aid storage. First aid kits are normally placed throughout manufacturing facilities. However, it is also wise to include them in factory restroom designs. These commercial bathroom accessories can be used to keep basic antiseptics, band aids, gauze, and aspirin on hand.

We also recommend installing hand dryers near paper towel dispensers. While many people are not yet ready to give up paper towels, it is a good incentive for the future to have a hand dryer their as a silent motivator for paper conservation. Paper towels can still be useful to factory restroom design as tools for wiping off industrial grit or cleaning up spills.

However, using the hand dryer for drying off hands that have already been washed is a very effective way to reduce the needless expenditure of high paper towel replacement orders. Eventually enough workers will get used to this new generation of hand dryers they will no longer feel the need to depend on paper for everything. This newest models of these super efficient commercial bathroom accessories have actually earned official energy efficient status. These dryers are recommended for any new plant seeking LEED certification, or for any company that wants to brand itself green.

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