Does Molecular Weight Really Matter With Hyaluronic Acid?}

Does Molecular Weight Really Matter With Hyaluronic Acid?}

Does Molecular Weight Really Matter With Hyaluronic Acid?



Veronica Van Sickle

Whenever you are looking at high quality, pure hyaluronic acid products, you will likely note that the best and most well reviewed HA products boast a low molecular weight. Is this really something that you need to pay attention to, or is it just scientific sounding talk designed to make you think that one product is superior to the others? The truth of the matter- it absolutely, 100% makes all the difference in the world. And once you understand why and how it makes a difference, you will want to start checking the molecular weight of your products as well.

It is a fairly well known fact that the skin absorbs about sixty percent of what you put into it. That is why it is so important to avoid products that contain chemicals. Most of these chemicals have not been safety tested and are commonly used in cleaners and pesticides, yet people willingly let them be absorbed into the skin, where they eventually enter into the bloodstream. While you might think that absorbing sixty percent of a high or low molecular weight hyaluronic acid product would be the same, however, the truth is that there is one glaring difference.While both products are absolutely absorbed into the outer layers of the skin at about the same rate, the difference is in the depth of penetration. The deeper into the skin you go, the more dense the tissue. In order for hyaluronic acid to really have an effect on the dense collagen and elastin fibers buried deep into the skin, the molecules need to be small enough to penetrate that deeply. When you have a high molecular weight HA product, the chances of any of it making it deep enough to provide a noticeable difference are slim.Simply put, the smaller the molecules in your hyaluronic acid product, the more effective it will be. This means that when you are looking to rehydrate and rebuild collagen and elastin and not just the outer layer of your skin, it is time to start seeking out a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid skin care product. When your product has a low weight and is naturally derived and free of chemicals and additives, you will be surprised at the amount of benefit it can provide to your skin. HA absolutely works, but it is up to you to find the product designed to offer your skin the most possible benefit at even the deepest layers.

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Does Molecular Weight Really Matter With Hyaluronic Acid?}