Drop Shipping Companies How To Avoid The Ones That Suck

Drop Shipping Companies How To Avoid The Ones That Suck

Submitted by: Ray De Leur

While drop shipping as a business model is a fantastic way to make money online, one problem that plagues this particular model are unreliable suppliers. Here are two ways to find out if you re dealing with unreliable drop shipping companies before it s too late.

Look up the BBB profile for drop shipping companies

The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, acts as a reporting firm for US-based businesses of all shapes and sizes, even online businesses. In some cases, depending on whether the company is a BBB member, and sometimes the location of the company, the BBB includes the grade that they give a particular company. This grade is based, in part, on the number of complaints that a company has received over a fixed period of time. If a drop shipper has a large number of unresolved complaints, it s probably a good idea to avoid this company.

Now, these complaints should always be taken with a grain of salt. Some drop shipping companies cater to tens of thousands of customers, or even more — if a drop shipper has 40 resolved complaints with, that doesn t mean that they re a bad business. In fact, resolved complaints actually speak of a drop ship company that is trying to rectify real or perceived wrongs — this is just something for you to keep in mind.


Look up customer reviews for the drop shipper on Google

People, as creatures of habit, will voice their displeasure about bad transactions that they have encountered. If a drop shipper has taken their money, pulled a bait-and-switch, repeatedly sent broken items, or just takes a long time to ship purchased items — there s a good chance that these complaints have surfaced in search engines.

Just type in the search field the drop shipper s name and review (like companyname review ) and you will get back the desired results a number of reviews which customers have written online regarding this particular company; positive, negative and maybe even neutral-.

Now, drop shippers that cater to a large audience will have negative reviews like a lot of other big companies have – look at eBay, PayPal, Google, Amazon, etc — they all have customers with bad experiences. However, this does not mean that you should avoid dealing with these drop shipping companies by any stretch of the imagination.

Look at the negative reviews, and also look at the positive reviews — you need to weigh out the severity of the complaint and whether this was likely a limited experience, or whether it s an ongoing problem with this particular supplier. Don t discount the possibility of using a certain supplier because they have two negative reviews — you could be missing out on some great money-making opportunities that way.

It s not at all difficult to pinpoint a unreliable supplier — these two methods outlined here, which should take you all of ten minutes to use — can save you countless headaches, and potential losses, by helping you to avoid unreliable drop shipping companies.

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