Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green With Care}

Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green With Care}

Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green with Care


Rebecca Beckett

Eco friendly ways of living are becoming more popular and more important to people. Creating eco friendly assisted living facilities or adult care homes are next on the list. You may think becoming more earth conscious just means recycling or re-using paper or plastic. However, for the homes that have that decided to become eco friendly it is so much more than that.

Green Construction

The first step in creating an eco friendly assisted living facility is constructing it in such a way and with such materials that are going to be environmentally friendly. From inception, green materials are chosen and decisions are made about each aspect of its construction. Generally buildings that are built in such a way are known as green buildings and are built with renewable materials, efficient in the way it is built and efficient with the energy used to build it and the energy that is generated within.


Green Systems

Upon completion of the eco friendly facility, decisions are made regarding the systems used indoors as well. From the green materials to the air, water and laundry purification, all are going to be chosen with the environment and residents health in mind. This will protect the environment and its resources while removing daily toxins from residents. Creating a pure air quality would also be considered when determining the types of green systems to establish. The benefit of being eco friendly up front in the construction is that it can save a lot of energy costs in the long run. This savings would hopefully spread to the overall cost for each resident.

Green Options

To further the eco friendly environment, all amenities are also made to go green. Facilities that offer Beauty salons or Barber Shops are considered when making the change to an all green facility. This might include any food served or items given to residents at any time. Each facility might make the call on how far it wants to go to stay green. However, residents should be aware that an entirely eco friendly assisted living facility may be more expensive because of the additional cost of making these green options a reality.

Living in an assisted living facility or any senior living facility that is go green can have many potential health benefits while being more safe and friendly to the environment. When considering the types of assisted living options, look into what they are doing to stay green. While many older facilities may not have been built with eco friendly systems in mind you can ask questions regarding what they may do in the future or how they can change their current systems to accommodate residents needs in this area. Assisted living facilities should want to provide a healthy, productive environment for its residents. If going green is going to be more economically beneficial in the long run there is no reason that they wouldnt choose that option when presented with it.

Consider too the ways you can go green in your own home. Little things can help you save energy, conserve resources and promote good health for you and your loved ones. Look into the green options you have so you can begin to make your difference.

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Eco Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Go Green with Care}