How To Get Paid To Travel And Secure Overseas Jobs

How To Get Paid To Travel And Secure Overseas Jobs

By John Beede & Tyson Hale

Would you love to find a job that pays to go overseas?

Imagine going on vacation for free. Imagine being able to choose where to travel. Lots of great things can happen when you are able to earn money any where in the world.

Teach English in Foreign Countries

Young and old can enroll in a 1-month crash course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). From that training program, you can learn teaching methods suitable for foreigners who want to learn English as their second language. It will help you move towards a fulfilling career and experiences so fun and worthwhile that you will want to make it a lifetime career.

After the completion of the course, you will be connected with agencies that can offer you job placements in countries like Mexico, Argentina, China, Vietnam, Thailand, France and other desirable nations where English needs to be instructed. Send a resume along with your TESOL certification and the job is in the bag.


It can be exciting because you are not yet oriented with the culture you’re going to adapt to. It is a learning experience for you just as much as for your students. Salary ranges from decent to highly lucrative. Cost of living and housing should also be considered.

Marine Life Conservation

If you like water, biology, and nature in general, you can be Marine Life Conservation Worker. At first, you have to work as a volunteer. And as a volunteer, you get to learn plenty of things that have to do with your field. This unique expedition gives you the opportunity to learn to scuba dive and earn yourself an internationally recognized PADI diving qualification.

Aside from the diving instructions and training, volunteers will have the chance to expand their knowledge of the marine environment, learn different local languages and partake in expeditions to places of interest in beautiful and historically rich areas.

You get to work with interesting people with advocacies around the world and work with causes that are important to you. You participate in gathering research and developing programs to organize the found information. The activities and objectives are honorable and upright. Knowing that you are having fun and getting paid to research what interests you in the world is very rewarding.

Public Speaking

Technically, public speaking is the business of selling speeches and topics. It is not uncommon for public speakers to get booked in different countries to talk to various groups. When the speaking engagement is in a foreign place, the professional speakers usually have free travel and accommodations, including food and other amenities. This is separate from the platform fee that they will normally receive.

The task is fairly simple if the speaker is skilled and proficient with the market. Speakers will usually talk for only about an hour, more or less. Then after the event, he or she will also get to market and sell speaker products thus, generating more profitability.

The profits and fees are one thing but the free travel and accommodations are just great.

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