How To Harness Positive Energy To Improve Your Quality Of Life

How To Harness Positive Energy To Improve Your Quality Of Life

By T. Mahabir

If you possess the ability to think positive and harness positive energy, you will be able to improve the quality of your life, no matter what your age. The ability to do this can add as much as seven and a half years to your lifespan. Recognizing this, experts have generated different methods by which you can gather and use positive energy to benefit your life. Here are the different methods by which you can energize your life with positivity:


Listen to music that uplifts your mood as music has the ability to make you feel positive. This is because music appeals to both the right and left brain hemispheres and harmonizes them simultaneously. The rhythm used in music is predominantly mathematical, and that which has a logical pattern caters to the left brain and others to that of the right brain (responsible for emotional experiences). According to psychologists, music has the ability to induce emotions. These emotional effects have the ability to synchronize nerve pathways and brain cells.



Meditation is one of the most effective ways of gathering positive energy. When you meditate, your brain activity shifts from one area of the cortex to another. The brain waves move from the right frontal cortex (relatively highly stressed) to the left frontal cortex (relatively calmer). This shift in brain waves brings down stress and anxiety related issues. It also lowers the possibility of mild depression too. Research indicates that during and after meditation, the amygdala – the center for processing fear – experiences reduced activity. When reactions like fear, stress, depression and anxiety that send out negative energy, are reduced with music, it allows you to harness more positive energy.

There are numerous forms of meditation that can be used to induce positivity. If you are new to meditation, you should ideally start with a technique that is simple. One of the most effective forms of meditation for beginners is called mindful meditation. In this form of meditation, you relax by merely focusing on your breathing.

Positive thinking and self talk

During the day, you tend to process a stream of thoughts, and these are referred to as self talk. These are automatic thoughts that are typically positive or negative. This self talk can sometimes be based on fact and logic, while other times it can be based on assumptions and misconceptions. By allowing more positive thoughts to run through your mind, you will be able to feel positive, as a result of which you will be able to harness more positive energy.

Feel-good list

Create a list of items that make you feel good. This may include activities like cycling, walking a pet or clearing your personal space at home. It may also comprise of objects, people and situations that make you feel happy. Essentially, when creating this list, try to experience the joy that each of these elements bring you.

Gratitude list

Making a gratitude list is one of the ideal ways to attract positive energy. This is because, when you feel thankful, you are able to attract and send positive energy effectively. In your gratitude list, include the people, situations, objects and experiences that you feel thankful for.

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