New Disney Chanel Auditions How To Get Prepared

New Disney Chanel Auditions How To Get Prepared

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By Andrew Collier

There are many ways to prepare for an audition with Disney channel. You should take as much time as you need in preparing for a successful audition. This is the best way to ensure that you will have a successful audition when you do go in for an audition with Disney channel. The more that you practice the more of a chance that you have to be higher by the Disney channel. If you take as much time as you need for preparation will have a much better chance that someone who did not practice in your audition.

Remember to take about two hours a day to practice your audition for the Disney Channel. If your a musician take about 3 to 4 hours a day to sit down and practice your instrument before auditioning for the Disney Channel. If you say take a few hours every day to sit down and practice your lines with a song that you wish to sing at your audition. If you dance remember to try to retain at least once or twice a day before your audition with the Disney Channel.


Remember to choose your best medium for your audition. If you’re a musician be sure to pick a song that are both familiar with also a play well. If you dance be sure to pick a song to dance to that you are both extremely familiar with and can dance to proficiently. If you sing be sure to pick a song that you know all the notes to a part and can perform adequately.

Remember to dress extremely well or your audition. A well put together outfit can say worlds about your talent and your professionalism that even your music or talents can. Don’t wear your street clothes and don’t wear something casual wear something that you would wear to a first date with someone that you really want to impress. Remember that how you dress should be tailored to the particular auditioning for. If you’re auditioning for a play dress up as one of the characters in the play. And when you dress up completely from head to toe be sure to have a professional attitude to go with it.

Be sure to psyche yourself up a little bit before your audition. This could be the difference between a good audition and a bad audition. The amount of energy you come into an audition with will determine how likely your chances are you to get a job when the Disney Channel. If you have a high amount of energy than a director will look more favorably upon amd your audition. Id you come in with no energy at all than the directior will feel that your performance was lackluster and will probably not give you a call back with your auditon. Remember that your attitude and your emotions and personality may greatly affect your chances for getting a callback. So remember when you go in for your audition be positive and think happy thoughts, it may sound seterypical but trust me, it works.

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