Stoneware Mugs From Hartstone Pottery

Stoneware Mugs From Hartstone Pottery

Stoneware Mugs from Hartstone Pottery


Anna Cantos

Did you know that mugs go as far back around the Late Neolithic Period (circa 25002000 BCE)? I never had anyone tell me they dont possess one or more mug. Coffee, soup, breakfast drinks and / or milk are often sipped or drunk from a mug. A lot of people in America use their coffee mugs each day. Mugs are also used as an object of art , and they are often collected and is found on most office tables.

At 3 tall and 3 diameter, a Hartstone Woodland Espresso Mug will contain enough coffee to get you going wake you up in the morning or pep you up any moment of the day. Or grab the 5 tall and 4 diameter Hartstone Seascape Tall Mug for a full 16 oz enjoyment from the beverage of your liking. Enjoy your favorite tea hot or iced with the Hartstone Seascape Tall Mug.

Collect mugs from the Halloween Dinnerware Collections. The Hocus Pocus along with the Pumpkin Vines are two from the most liked collectible designs from Hartstone.

Display your school spirit with the Hartstone College Collection featuring officially licensed stoneware mugs for Ohio State, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Texas A&M and much more. Give as graduation presents or tokens during championship games or simply recommend highly Hartstone to friends and family.

Hartstone Pottery is a national treasure, among the last vestiges of American artisan potters, hand crafting and hand decorating each piece of quality stoneware that come out of its kilns. Hartstone goods are made of vitrified stone, usually fired at temperatures above 2,100 Fahrenheit which makes stoneware dense, strong and non-porous. Microwave, freezer, oven and is dishwasher safe, the Hartstone Mugs are available individually or in sets of 4. All body and glaze are lead and cadmium free. Hartstone products consist of baking stones, dinnerware and ornaments which are of the finest quality and merit for use in the kitchen, tabletop, oven and as giftware accessories.

Anna Cantos is a practicing food technologist and freelance writer who loves to eat, read, bake, cook and write.

The Hartstone Pottery

is a great source of hand-made stoneware products such as dinnerware, bakeware and gift ornaments.

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