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Submitted by: Vishal Pandey

Vitality became a rare thing in modern day living. We are running around all the time, pursuing deadlines, looking after kids, resolving work conflicts, fighting through traffic. Our hectic lifestyle takes a huge toll on our physical and mental health.

We are unable to pay attention on the fact that we are feeling worse than before because we became habitual to that feeling. It became normal. Lots of physical & mental health issues start surfacing and we just keep on taking medicine to erase the symptoms.

What we should do is to go deeper and sort out the root of the problem, the place where all the disorders originate.

Lets look at what vitality is.

You must have met some people, who emit an aura of positivity & energy. You feel great by just standing beside them. You cant help but admire them. You think Wow, where is s/he getting all that energy from?

And because of the fact that most of the energy in this world is negative, these people really stand out. They have something which has become extremely rare today Vitality.

It can also be called as having life-energy. You can sense vitality when your mind is working sharper, your body feels powerful & energetic, and you have enough passion & positivity to share with others. You are in-the-moment & much more resilient to the negative influences.

It is the aliveness in your being, something which was lost many years ago.

Now lets look at ways to get it back

How to increase vitality

1. Be on your Purpose

Being on your unique purpose is critically important for your vitality. It provides a flow of spiritual energy and a very powerful one. You can sense it immediately by feeling much more alive and charged after you do complete any action which moves you towards your purpose.

Your purpose is unique to you. No one else could walk on your path. Universe has created you with a very specific intent. You have to find your purpose but it is not very easy. Finding your purpose will be fully addressed in a future post.

Here, the point is to embrace your purpose. Move towards it with full intent. You will feel a special kind of energy rushing through you. As you continue to experience this spiritual energy, it will progressively become as important to you as your purpose.

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2. Any Creative Activity

Whenever your create something, energy is created from nothing. You feel an instant surge and an elevation in positive emotions. This is also a kind of spiritual energy. Activities like writing, singing, composing, drawing etc are classified as creative.

First time I experienced this phenomenon was when I started writing articles for my blog. An hour of immersive writing can give amazing amount of life energy, in contrast to activities like watching television, which saps vitality. We end up feeling worse after.

There are some hurdles you have to jump through, for example writers block, but pushing through that resistance and creating just for the sake of it is like a blessing. It fills you up with a kind of satisfaction and vitality that you never felt before.

3. Physical movement

It includes all physical activities like jogging, aerobics, weightlifting, yoga, brisk walk, climbing stairs etc. Any kind of physical movement will fill you up with physical energy. Yes, you do feel tired just after you finish the exercise, but after a short while your energy levels go up through the roof.

It is one of the most motivating factors for doing exercise. This feeling of energy & vitality can be hugely addictive. And you can feel it immediately.

Lets take a common scenario. You are sitting at your computer desk for two hours. You are feeling low in mood & energy. If you make yourself get up (your mind will resist movement) and go for a five minute walk. It will instantly make you feel better. Immediately.

If you really want to charge yourself up, then get up from your seat at every twenty minutes and take a 2 min walk. You will not believe the huge difference in your mood & energy levels this little physical movement will provide.

Try to incorporate as much physical movement in day as possible for you. Just dont make yourself too uncomfortable. As with anything, there is a limit beyond which it will do more harm than good. Use your brain. Do what feels comfortable and slightly keep on increasing.

4. Wate

There is no secret that proper hydration plays a big part in sustaining high energy levels. Research shows that even a 3% decrease in the water level in the body can reduce an athletes performance by 15%!

The problem with most people is that they dont drink enough water. The common misconception is to drink water only when we get thirsty. If you reach the point of feeling thirst, then you are already low on water levels. It is much smarter to keep drinking clean water at regular intervals throughout the day.

You should ideally aim for three to four liters of water per day. Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks dont count. Plus, you should minimize or completely eliminate coffee, alcohol & soft drinks. They do nothing good for your health.

Try proper hydration for 7 days and you will feel a big difference in your energy and overall mood. You will want to keep this habit permanently.

5. Healthy food/ Nutrition

Handling your nutrition is one of the most important steps you can take to elevate your energy and vitality levels. You can do everything else on this post but if you are not handling your nutrition properly, you will always lack the life energy you really want.

Now, health and nutrition is a huge topic and impossible to cover here. If you want more details, there are many good websites on the net which will help you. Personally, my favorite one is

It contains lots of really good advices which made positive impact on my energy levels. Do check it out and decide for yourself.

It is said that you are what you eat. So look at your food intake. Handle your nutrition. It is one of the best things you could do for yourself.

6. Proper Sleep

Sleep is something which makes an instant impact on your vitality. One night of poor sleep results in huge loss in energy levels. You will be drowsy all day. Your alertness, decision making and cognitive abilities will go down.

On the other hand, proper sleep will have you wake up refreshed. You will be fully able to tackle your daily challenges. Your mood will be awesome the whole day. You will be more alert, sharper and make better decision.

Athletes know the importance of quality sleep. They make sure to get properly rested before their big event. Body repairs itself when you sleep. This process can get interrupted due to bad quality sleep resulting from various factors like frequent wake ups, less time etc.

There are various factors which determine the quality of sleep. These will be covered in an upcoming post.

7. Meditation

Mediation is one of the best things you could do to increase your overall vitality. The best thing about meditation is that it recharges your physical, mental and spiritual energy levels. This property alone makes meditation special.

Lot of people associate meditation with eastern religion. But if you are an atheist, you will be glad to know that meditation can be done for the practical, day-to-day benefits without any religious associations.

In the simplest of forms, meditation is nothing but focusing your mind on a particular object or image for a period of time. Soon, I will dedicate an entire post on how to meditate easily.

8. Positive outlook

Life has no meaning except the one we give it. Universe has gifted man with the unique ability to understand and give meaning to the events. You are the creator of your life.

If you think the world is a bad place, you will find hundreds of evidence of why the world is a horrible place. On the other hand, if you think the world is a wonderful place, you will be showered with proofs of how amazing it is.

You have the tremendous power to determine what an event mean. You are doing it all the time. Mostly unconsciously, sometimes consciously. So I ask you this, as long as we are going to determine what an event mean, why not make it empowering.

This is an amazingly powerful concept if you just utilize it fully. I will go deeper in this topic in a future post. For now, try to see positivity in your life as much as possible. Be grateful for the things you have in your life.

Millions of people out there in the world would sacrifice everything just to have what you have right now. Be grateful for the opportunity you have. Be grateful for the body the creator has given you. Be grateful for the unlimited possibilities you have. Cloths, food, home, family, relationships, finances be grateful for everything.

Try to view the world in a positive light, in return you will be amazed by the vibrancy you will emit from within.

So thats it.

These are some of the most powerful ways to increase your vitality. Try to slowly incorporate all of these in your life for the ultimate result. It will take effort, but how you will feel would be well worth it.

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I was always fascinated by the concept of self-actualization and my blog is a result of accumulating information in this field for more than 13 years.Over the years, i have read hundreds of books, listened to audio/video programs, attended seminars on ways to unlock my full potential. I have collected information & concepts and tested them out for their effectiveness by directly applying them in my life for more than a decade. I found some principles to be quite effective, while others were a waste of time. My blog is the platform to share that knowledge with the world while I continue to learn new things each day.


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