Be A Smart Employee}

Be A Smart Employee}

Be a Smart Employee


Kelly MooreIn today’s ultra competitive workplaces, it is very vital that not only you are an able worker but also a smarter worker. Any employer wants a worker who brings more to the table. Here are few tips on how to become a smart worker:1. Improve communication skills: A good communicator can not only place forward his/her ideas more effectively but also creates instant rapport and connection. Communication is not just about talking but also listening. So be a good listener as well and you will instantly feel the difference.2. Treat people well. People respond better when they are treated with respect. If you want to command respect, then treat others with respect. Just because somebody earns less doesn’t mean that s/he doesn’t deserves your respect. In an organization each one is your co-workers and should be treated as an equal.3. Be professional. You are in a job to do a job. Gossiping, back biting will not increase your popularity or your efficiency!4. Don’t indulge in camp politics. Never create camps and groups. It will show that you are biased and will not take impartial decisions.5. Be a team player. Most jobs require you to be a team player. Always give your full efforts. Go an extra mile for the success of the job and team.6. Fulfill your commitments. If you make any commitment, then fulfill it. People trust those you keep their promises.7. Support your co-workers in their endeavors. Forge partnerships with them and always credit them for their ideas and suggestions.9. Delegate, Delegate and Delegate. DO not micro manage all the stuff. Delegate work to your juniors and team members.10. Enjoy your work. You have to spend whole hours, days, weeks, months and years in your office. You cannot go through it with positive attitude. Enjoy your work and you will feel that work is not a big deal.11. Be a problem solver. Do not fret over small problems in the office. Take lead in offering solutions and fixing things.12. Pick your fights. If you fight every battle and issues then people will recognize you as a negative person. They will ignore you. Only fight for big and relevant issues.13. Be Proactive. Do not wait for orders or the work to be assigned to you. Be proactive. Deduce ways on how you can be of more value to your company.

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