5 Reasons You Should Eat Out At A Fancy Restaurant Once A Month

By Susan Willis

Eating is not only a habit – it is also one of those basic necessities of life. Without eating right, it would be hard to live a quality life. If you do not treat your body to sufficient nourishment on a regular basis, you cannot perform at your optimal levels.

But eating also has other benefits beyond nourishment, including social benefits of getting together. And, there are the pleasurable benefits of just simply enjoying a well-cooked, delicious meal.

Most men and women at home are always trying cook foods that offer that ideal combination of nourishment and taste – something that their loved ones will appreciate. And, there is no doubt that home-cooked meals are often the very best.

Still, this does not mean that you should never consider eating out now and again. Dining at a restaurant allows you to skip having to buy and prepare food – or do the cleanup that comes afterward.

In fact, it is a good idea to eat out at a fancy restaurant at least once per month. Here are 5 reasons why you should eat out at a fancy restaurant once a month:

1. The first good reason to eat out is in order to save time. Both male and female members of the family work hard each day, and spending time cooking a meal is often the last thing they want to do. Instead, by eating out, they can enjoy each other’s company while on the way to the restaurant – not to mention while they are enjoying the meal.

2. Eating out once in a month makes one feel special. It is because this activity is different from day to day monotonous routine.

3. Moreover, if there is some kind of occasion like anniversary, birthday or any other special day, thus it can be made special by eating out.

4. In case you had a bad day at work, then once again eating out that day will give you a pleasant feel all over once again.

5. Last but not the least is the fact that eating out enables people to have the kind of food they want to eat. In the day to day routine, one eats more or less the same food items but eating out may offer you to eat something different. You can visit a restaurant that specializes in offering food items you are willing to eat. Eating what you are craving for is something out of this world.

In short, it will not be wrong to say that eating out once in a month offers you a number of great benefits. Dining out refreshes the mind and strengthens the element of love and care in your relationships. Making preparations to reserve the table for your loved ones, getting time to do so, all shows the level of care and attachment towards the loved ones. No doubt, this activity revitalizes the body and soul on every level.

Be sure to pamper yourself, your friends, and your family members to a nice meal out now and again. Try to do so at least once per month, and you will immediately begin to enjoy the benefits.

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Stoneware Mugs From Hartstone Pottery

Stoneware Mugs from Hartstone Pottery


Anna Cantos

Did you know that mugs go as far back around the Late Neolithic Period (circa 25002000 BCE)? I never had anyone tell me they dont possess one or more mug. Coffee, soup, breakfast drinks and / or milk are often sipped or drunk from a mug. A lot of people in America use their coffee mugs each day. Mugs are also used as an object of art , and they are often collected and is found on most office tables.

At 3 tall and 3 diameter, a Hartstone Woodland Espresso Mug will contain enough coffee to get you going wake you up in the morning or pep you up any moment of the day. Or grab the 5 tall and 4 diameter Hartstone Seascape Tall Mug for a full 16 oz enjoyment from the beverage of your liking. Enjoy your favorite tea hot or iced with the Hartstone Seascape Tall Mug.

Collect mugs from the Halloween Dinnerware Collections. The Hocus Pocus along with the Pumpkin Vines are two from the most liked collectible designs from Hartstone.

Display your school spirit with the Hartstone College Collection featuring officially licensed stoneware mugs for Ohio State, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Texas A&M and much more. Give as graduation presents or tokens during championship games or simply recommend highly Hartstone to friends and family.

Hartstone Pottery is a national treasure, among the last vestiges of American artisan potters, hand crafting and hand decorating each piece of quality stoneware that come out of its kilns. Hartstone goods are made of vitrified stone, usually fired at temperatures above 2,100 Fahrenheit which makes stoneware dense, strong and non-porous. Microwave, freezer, oven and is dishwasher safe, the Hartstone Mugs are available individually or in sets of 4. All body and glaze are lead and cadmium free. Hartstone products consist of baking stones, dinnerware and ornaments which are of the finest quality and merit for use in the kitchen, tabletop, oven and as giftware accessories.

Anna Cantos is a practicing food technologist and freelance writer who loves to eat, read, bake, cook and write.

The Hartstone Pottery

is a great source of hand-made stoneware products such as dinnerware, bakeware and gift ornaments.

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Why Moving Your Business To Cloud Can Be A Game Changer

Business migration into the cloud has been one of the most boggling innovations of the last decade. Cloud computing has revolutionized the world of information technology. Cloud computing refers to the provision of IT infrastructure, operating software, middleware, and applications hosted in a data center. It can be accessed on demand by the end-users via the internet.

Cloud computing offers three primary service models that businesses opt to streamline their growth processes.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): This model allows businesses to access on-demand IT hardware like servers, data center space, and system administrators. It helps save a considerable chunk of money buying and building their in-house data center.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): This model allows app developers to create, run, and manage applications without requiring complex infrastructure associated with launching an application.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): SaaS model provides licensing and delivering centrally hosted software via the internet on a subscription basis to businesses and end-users. A typical example of SaaS is a web-based email subscription.

As per a forecast, the global cloud computing market was valued at $368.97 billion in 2021. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 15.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Cloud-based services offer a scalable and reliable infrastructure specifically designed to streamline business performance and support growth. Now, let’s understand in detail why shifting your business to the cloud can be a game-changer:

1. Cost-efficient

One of the most significant advantages of migrating to the cloud is the IT operational cost savings. Cloud offers remote servers that eliminate the need for in-house storage application requirements. Also, it covers overhead expenses like software updates, new hardware, and data storage are covered as per your contract.

Cloud services are much cheaper than setting up the whole infrastructure as they are typically deployed on a pay-per-use basis. It guarantees a higher return on investment as you pay only for business-critical necessities.

2. Better customer experience

Customer experience is crucial for your business as users expect companies to be more attentive to their specific needs. Cloud computing solutions empower businesses to deliver better services and maintain the standard level of customer service. Businesses that prioritize the customer experience gain early success by establishing long-term relationships with users.

Cloud adoption boosts the experience for customers, employees, and ecosystem partners for a business by

  • Providing an omnichannel experience
  • Reduction in response time
  • Real-time interaction with customers

3. Higher flexibility

Flexibility isn’t just a buzzword in the modern business world, but it is necessary to grow your business over time. Your customers’ needs are frequently changing, and companies must be able to adapt to these changes. Cloud provides high flexibility as it offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space to ascend or descend as per business requirements.

With this, you don’t need to invest money in purchasing or installing additional equipment instantly, saving ample money. It also improves workplace flexibility as the team can access applications and data from a remote location.

4. Enhanced secured environment

Every business contains critical information that is must to protect from unauthorized access. Cloud computing solutions offer centralized security with robust architecture that allows efficient security controls to be embedded over multiple layers.

Cloud service providers generally give clients the freedom to determine their security implementation. Working in an enhanced security environment helps organizations achieve lower upfront costs, lower administrative costs, and ongoing operational costs. Also, it increases reliability and improves DDoS protection.

5. Builds better communication between team

Cloud services established efficient communication channels between the groups and communities with access to the same data. Colleagues, clients, or third-party contractors can access files in real-time via the cloud removing the communication limitations of old infrastructure.

With cloud integration, you can streamline efficient processes, manage deadlines, and work output increases in less time. Employees can quickly and easily access information and collaborate with teams and key stakeholders. You can acquire solutions that offer various functionalities under one umbrella, such as messaging, business phone calls, video meetings, etc.

6. Reliable continuity

One of the greatest fears of modern businesses is downtime. There could be various reasons for downtime, like power outage, system collapse, or natural disasters. Companies need to assure continuity, and cloud services offer reliable progression independent of what may come. The data stored is stored in the cloud and is accessible as long as you have a stable internet connection.

A cloud is designed so that data stored is mirrored across various servers. If one server fails, data can be easily backed up from another server. Rapid data recovery ensures a reduction in downtime and loss of productivity.

7. Higher scalability

As a business expands, so will your IT requirements. A growing organization will require more storage space and bandwidth to cope with increasing traffic. Cloud solutions are designed to optimize the overall efficiency of the system. You can scale up or down its performance, resources, and functionalities according to the user’s needs.

Cloud computing generally offers two types of scaling that businesses can choose from:

  • Horizontal scaling:

You can scale by adding more machines into cloud architecture so that they work as a single unit.

  • Vertical scaling:

It involves scaling the power of the existing machines in terms of CPU, RAM, and storage.

8. Easier mobility

In the era of working remotely, mobility is paramount. Working from home isn’t just restricted to the house, but it’s expanded to shops, countryside workstations, or other places. Businesses need to understand that mobility is among the top cloud computing trends that they must watch out for.

Cloud computing supports the trends and allows a flexible environment where data is stored, updated, and accessed via the internet. So, all your business needs a strong internet connection, and the work processes will be streamlined with efficient communication.

9. Disaster management

System failures are too common, especially in the case of traditional IT infrastructure. Companies spend a hefty amount planning for disaster recovery. With cloud-based services, organizations need not need complex disaster recovery plans as it ensures recovery is made much faster. It is easier as the vital data is stored off-site in third-party centers ensuring fast retrieval after uncertain events.

10. Automated software updates

Businesses working on the traditional methods of owning IT infrastructure have to bear additional costs like software upgrades. Software updates can take hours and a business might end up spending higher updation costs. Cloud service providers (CSPs) take responsibility for software updates, saving time, money, and energy for businesses. Automated software updates free the business resources so it focuses on other aspects.


The cloud computing revolution has genuinely transformed the business landscape, and more businesses are shifting to cloud services. The versatile profit-churning technology has become necessary for businesses of all sizes to sustain an edge over their competitors. Moving your business to the cloud will be a game-changer as it brings flexibility and scalability into business processes. It also helps gain a sustainable competitive advantage in an evolving global marketplace.

Divorce: Infidelity

By George Williams

Divorce is usually most bitter when it is all about adultery. There’s no way around it. Hurt feelings and anger seem to fuel the divorce but rage surrounds it and it causes too much animosity for all parties concerned. Unfortunately, infidelity is often the main cause for divorce. However, there are ways to get through it and move on with your life.

Divorcing your spouse is one of the most trying times in your life. You may have heard it said that the person would’ve rather experienced death than divorce. Add in the cause for divorce as being adultery, and the pain is often too much to bear.

Adulterous relationships almost never work out in the long run so if you are the victim in the relationship, then find comfort in that fact. However, many times your spouse doesn’t want a divorce but they don’t want to give up their other relationship. You must move on irregardless. Otherwise, the hurt will become a very big part of your relationship and will consume you.


While some relationships go on to thrive after infidelity, you may be surprised if you do your own research about adultery. Once it starts, it seldom ends because there is often something that the other person needs and they weren’t finding it at home before an affair and they likely won’t find it after the initial affair.

It is also important to remember that while approaching the ‘other woman’ or the ‘other man’ may make you feel better, there is no reason for you to approach them. It is likely they knew your spouse was indeed married and the only thing the other person will shed light on is how much that they know about your relationship with your spouse which will only cause you more pain.

Divorcing because of adultery, regardless of what you are told by a psychologist, is a very viable option and you need to do it. Seldom will you find life after adultery fulfilling. Your spouse may, but who cares. He or she is not worth your self-esteem being lowered. While you may want to work things out and that is very noble of you to show a forgiving heart, things will never be the same. And you will never have the key elements of marriage again.

While you may find this key piece of advice comical, there is only one way to get past the element of adultery if you decide to stay in a marriage after infidelity and that is to

have an affair yourself and make sure your husband or wife knows about it. Then, when they ask why or how you could do this to them ask for forgiveness, be sincere in your sorrow for hurting them and then assure them that you can get past it. See if they can live with it and make the most of a new start. The other person won’t like the feelings of betrayal anymore than you did.

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Forex Trading Training Characteristics Of Great Forex Traders Part 2

Submitted by: Dragan Lukic

In our last article, we discussed four traits which top Forex traders consider to be the difference separating consistent winners from trading losers. This article looks at some other characteristics which any new trader must take into account before delving into the world of Forex trading.

Firstly, think about all the successful businessmen and women, singers, footballers and anyone who has realised a significant amount of achievement in their industry. Chances are their success did not happen overnight. The likes of Richard Branson and Donald Trump did not build their empires at a blink of an eye. Most successful people have had to overcome some kind of failure and then learned from their mistakes before they finally reached their current level. Forex trading is no different. As a new trader upon the completion of your

Forex Trading Training

you must fully accept that losing is part of trading. No indicator or strategy will guarantee to make money on every single trade. The sooner you accept this reality the shallower your learning curve will be.


Another quality cited by great traders is the ability to take control and responsibility for every trading decision made. It s no good blaming someone else such as your broker or your trading platform for your own trading mistakes. Successful traders are able to take responsibility for their actions; both good and bad. By reviewing their trades and keeping a journal they can keep themselves accountable which is something consistent losers are too lazy to do. Furthermore, by being able to take responsibility, great traders do not feel the need to listen to outside advice or opinions before they take their trade. Can you imagine Warren Buffet or George Soros asking his broker for investment tips? Great Forex traders trust and have confidence in themselves and their system, which is the level new traders must aspire to.

Finally, great Forex traders are incredibly patient. They are patient before entering a trade, during a trade and when price reaches their profit target. Before a trade, most amateurs, due to a lack of a strategy, are constantly chasing the market and buying or selling because they can see price moving. Great traders do the complete opposite, they let price come to them – like a lion lurking in the bushes waiting to ambush its prey, professional Forex traders wait until the trade fits their entry rules. When their rules are fully met, because they are not afraid or have no fear of losing (due to sound money & risk management rules, confidence, and a profitable system), they take the trade. Once in the trade, they are patient to allow their edge to play out in the Forex market. Instead of getting excited every time price goes in their favour or upset when price approaches their stop loss, great Forex traders are patient. When price reaches their profit target, they have mastered techniques allowing to them manage the trade in order to capture much more than they were initially hoping for. They do not take quick profits or micro manage their trades like consistent losers will. If you are searching for a

Forex Trading Course

you must ensure that this is a subject that is covered or at least referenced as part of the syllabus.

In our next article (Part 3), we will explore further what top Forex traders consider to be the most important qualities which any new trader must develop before they can see consistent profits.

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Dealing With Acne

Submitted by: Larry Henderson

The worst thing you can wake up to in the morning is a zit. A fat pimple on your chin can really start the day off wrong. With that said 20 percent of people never have a zit anyway? It almost seems unreal that some people don t have a pimple. Why should the rest of us have to suffer this blemish? Good news, there is an upside to this inevitable predicament. Dermatologists are always working hard on the newest pimple treatment. Cause let’s face it, if you’re afflicted by acne, you need a good pimple treatment.

First of all, you will need to get on the internet and acquire a better understanding of your skin. In other words know your skin. What acne solutions do you recommend? You could consult a local dermatologist for this answer. However, he or she will probably only be able make certain suggestions. Well, if you’re like a great many of us, you’ve tried countless creams, special gels, and countless face washes. There are free tests provided by the Internet that can easily help to distinguish your skin type. This bit of information will save you a lot of time and hassle. Once you’ve established whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, normal, or combination skin, you’ll want to search for a pimple treatment that is right for you.


With the internet at your fingertips, you can surf through tons of options. That perfect pimple treatment is out there if you do your research. Check out the reviews posted by other acne afflicted individuals. This may guide you in making a final decision. Just remember, the key is not only finding the proper pimple treatment, but also having the right diet and avoiding harsh cleansers. Remember do your research; your skin will love you for it!

About the Author: Larry Henderson is a the owner of

Health News

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How To Use Sliding Scale Insulin

How to Use Sliding Scale Insulin


Julia Hanf

If you are a diabetic who has been using you may have heard your doctor use the term sliding scale insulin. If you have heard this you may be wondering, What is sliding scale insulin and how does it work? Insulin is used to better regulate and control blood sugar levels. We know that when a diabetic s blood sugars are well controlled the likelihood of medical complications or physical symptoms is much lower than when blood sugars are too high. On the other hand, if too much insulin is given blood sugars can drop dangerously low and cause serious side effects. The solution to this problem is to start with small amounts of daily insulin and gradually increase the dose based on the use of sliding scale insulin. The goal is to start slow and go low.

Step 1

Check blood sugars at set times every day. Usually one hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner are good times to check your blood sugar. These sugars are known as postprandial blood sugars and generally are ? diabetic s highest daily readings.

Step 2


Work with your doctor to develop a sliding scale insulin plan. This could mean that you will have to inject yourself with a variable amount of either short acting or ultra-short acting insulin each time you check your postprandial blood sugar.

Step 3

You will need to give yourself 2 units of insulin for blood sugars between 150 and 200 mg. If your blood sugar level is between 201 and 250 mg give yourself 4 units of insulin. For blood sugars between 251 and 300 mg give yourself 6 units of insulin. This incremental increase in insulin dose can go as high as you and your doctor chose. These sliding scale insulin programs were developed to provide diabetics with flexibility. The insulin dose, blood sugar parameters and type of short acting insulin used can all be modified for each individual s needs.

Step 4

Write down how much additional sliding scale insulin you re requiring on ? daily basis. Try to be consistent with our meals, exercise program and daily activity. It is important to look for patterns with your blood sugar levels.

Step 5

Stick with the diabetic diet that your doctor and nutritionist helped create for you. In order to successfully lower your blood sugar you want to maintain a healthy weight.

Step 6

Bring your sliding scale insulin data to you next doctor appointment. The mount of sliding scale insulin you re taking on ? daily basis will be averaged over several weeks. Let s hypothetically say on average you re give yourself 2 units if insulin at breakfast, 3 units at lunch, and 5 units at dinner for ? daily total of 10 units.

Step 7

The daily total of sliding scale insulin is generally added to you current dose if long acting or extended release insulin which is typically given just once a day. A this process continues your once a day extended release insulin dose gradually, but safely, increases and your sliding scale insulin doses throughout the day decline reflecting your improving blood sugar levels.

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Cool Homes Come In Many Shapes, Sizes And Materials Too

By Brad Carver

For those who have just a little experience with a screwdriver, it is possible to build a house in just a couple of days. Now, one would think that when you it would be a little more complicated but with the new modular designs on the market today, it really is that simple. So search the term, ‘build home’ to locate a contractor.

Prefabricated buildings have been around for a long time of course. Indeed, these were used when there was a huge housing shortage after world war two. But these structures were nothing like the wonderful designs that are common today.

Back in those days, the long box-like structures were made from asbestos based materials which looked a little strange to say the least. Although they were only meant to be temporary, some people ended up raising their kids in them and were sorry to leave them even though they were deemed unfit for human habitation.


These days though the buildings are far more sophisticated than that. The whole thing can be bought as is, and there are many designs for sure, or custom-made to suit the needs of the client. Some even go as far as having vaulted ceilings and bay windows so there is plenty of scope for those with an artistic bent.

Clever designers will also incorporate some solid and permanent features into the whole thing. This could include a stone built fireplace or chimney which gives the place a good solid look. Of course, this can be built-in when the whole thing is being constructed but will obviously take a little longer than the normal time.

Some regularly constructed places will not be that attractive to look at anyway, so having a great designer on board for the pre fabricated building is just what anyone needs to allow their imagination to run riot. They can even have an additional room put on at the side to take a pool or spa so that the family can keep fit or just relax and enjoy themselves.

Along with pitched and off centered beams etc, the materials used can also be changed around to facilitate the family needs. Sash or casement windows can be used to give a certain look to the finished product so the choice of other additional features is virtually endless too.

Since these pre-fabricated buildings are made from ultra modern materials in general they are also less likely to suffer from termite damage or pest infestation. Even the natural materials will be pre-treated to make sure that nothing will eat away at the fabric of the building so it should last for some considerable time for sure.

Many people, once they have gotten used to the idea of having one of these places, often invent some rather innovative uses for them. Whether it is to be used for the main residence, or whether it is to be used just for a small business or vacation hideaway, these places will end up becoming much more popular as the years go by. Indeed, it could be the answer to emergency shelter when earthquakes hit etc.

About the Author: Brad Carver has noticed that to build a house can be the best way to get exactly what you want in a home. He searched the term build home to find a modular home builder in his area.


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Drop Shipping Companies How To Avoid The Ones That Suck

Submitted by: Ray De Leur

While drop shipping as a business model is a fantastic way to make money online, one problem that plagues this particular model are unreliable suppliers. Here are two ways to find out if you re dealing with unreliable drop shipping companies before it s too late.

Look up the BBB profile for drop shipping companies

The BBB, or Better Business Bureau, acts as a reporting firm for US-based businesses of all shapes and sizes, even online businesses. In some cases, depending on whether the company is a BBB member, and sometimes the location of the company, the BBB includes the grade that they give a particular company. This grade is based, in part, on the number of complaints that a company has received over a fixed period of time. If a drop shipper has a large number of unresolved complaints, it s probably a good idea to avoid this company.

Now, these complaints should always be taken with a grain of salt. Some drop shipping companies cater to tens of thousands of customers, or even more — if a drop shipper has 40 resolved complaints with, that doesn t mean that they re a bad business. In fact, resolved complaints actually speak of a drop ship company that is trying to rectify real or perceived wrongs — this is just something for you to keep in mind.


Look up customer reviews for the drop shipper on Google

People, as creatures of habit, will voice their displeasure about bad transactions that they have encountered. If a drop shipper has taken their money, pulled a bait-and-switch, repeatedly sent broken items, or just takes a long time to ship purchased items — there s a good chance that these complaints have surfaced in search engines.

Just type in the search field the drop shipper s name and review (like companyname review ) and you will get back the desired results a number of reviews which customers have written online regarding this particular company; positive, negative and maybe even neutral-.

Now, drop shippers that cater to a large audience will have negative reviews like a lot of other big companies have – look at eBay, PayPal, Google, Amazon, etc — they all have customers with bad experiences. However, this does not mean that you should avoid dealing with these drop shipping companies by any stretch of the imagination.

Look at the negative reviews, and also look at the positive reviews — you need to weigh out the severity of the complaint and whether this was likely a limited experience, or whether it s an ongoing problem with this particular supplier. Don t discount the possibility of using a certain supplier because they have two negative reviews — you could be missing out on some great money-making opportunities that way.

It s not at all difficult to pinpoint a unreliable supplier — these two methods outlined here, which should take you all of ten minutes to use — can save you countless headaches, and potential losses, by helping you to avoid unreliable drop shipping companies.

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Where To Find Quality Used Rims


If you are looking to customize your car, you have several different options. There are only so many vehicles in the world, so you need to make yours stand out in different ways. Choosing some quality used rims is a great way to make a statement. If you are considering buying your rims used, you need to make sure you choose a team of professionals as your supplier. Don’t buy your rims from just anywhere. You need to buy them from professional mechanics.

Buy from Mechanics

When you are choosing used rims, you should make sure you buy them from quality mechanics who do more than just sell rims. It’s even better if they do quality tire work and body repairs. Such experience means they will know precisely how to place a tire on the rim and balance your vehicle. They’ll also be able to assess the rims for any kind of problem that might arise. There are sometimes small structural problems with rims that might go unnoticed if someone is not a mechanic.

Wide Selection

You should choose a company that has a wide selection of rims. The Tire Shop is an example of just such a place. They have several different options available that are constantly being updated.

Choosing Rims

Choosing which rims are right for you can be somewhat difficult as well. There are some considerations you have to make. First, you have to choose which size rims you need. If you want bigger rims that are more dramatic, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough space in your wheel wells for them. You would also need thinner tires.

Next, you’ll need to decide on brake calipers and possible adjustments to some other parts of your vehicle. All of these factors are important for you to consider when you talk with a mechanic about getting new rims.